5 Ways Celebs Killed the Look with the Amazing Indian Ethnic Wear.

When it’s about wearing Ethnic dresses, our celebs lead the Indian fashion industry. Something attractive they wear instantly becomes a fashion statement and sells like hot delicious cake in online Indian ethnic stores. Let’s take a look at how our celebrities can easily impress us with Indian ethnic wear.

Kangana Ranaut

The queen of Bollywood Kangana is known for her Ethnic style statement. She is one of the famous Bollywood actresses who can keep their style alive with the constant changes. While promoting the Thalavi movie, she wore a beautiful bandhani saree. She was looking extremely gorgeous.

Kangana in bandhani saree
The complete outfit was divided into three elements: a solid yellow bandhani saree, a sleeveless blouse, and a black shade. The handcrafted saree had subtle zari work on the border. She paired it with a tie and dyed bandhani blouse. The touch of black sunglasses and bun on the head makes her look extremely stunning.

The best part about this evergreen look is that you can also try this look. The bandhani saree worn by Kangana is a specialty of Kutch. The local artisans make the saree with the tie and dye technique, later finished with intricate motifs. The dress became popular Indian Ethnic wear for Women.

2. Katrina Kaif

Katrina Kaif is another successful actor who always impresses with her outfit. On the promotion of Movie Phone Bhoot, she created a buzz with her look. Generally, she loves to wear a Jumpsuit. It is a regular wear one-step outfit for women.

During the movie’s promotion, she was seen wearing the Indigo blue jumpsuit with the Ajrakh print on it. The famous fashion designer Tarun Tahiliani styled it. The outfit was a classy fusion of ethnic and western dress. Moreover, the embroidery work on the Ajrakh print was looking amazing.

Talking about the Ajrakh Print. It is a printing technique done on a piece of fabric with the help of a wooden block. The wooden block is carved with an asymmetrical design. Apart from the Jumpsuit, another variety of Ajrakh outfits in trend right now are Ajrakh saree and salwar suit, and you can easily pair them with Ajrakh dupattas or stoles.

3. Kiara Advani

Kiara Advani is famous for her fashion choices. She chooses to wear chic and comfortable dresses most of the time. Every time Kiara steps out, she gives some tips to fans and media about the ethnic, party wear, and red carpet dressing. While attending a party in Mumbai, she was recently seen stealing the show with a tie and dye batik saree, which was styled by Akansha Gajria.kiara advani in batik print saree

The saree was completely handmade with the Batik design. The pink batik saree was nicely paired with the shimmer spaghetti blouse. The amazing ethnic wear look was completed with a diamond necklace, adding more spark to her.

This was not the first time she was wearing the batik print. While attending a Diwali party, Kiara Advani wore a batik saree and the same designers styled the saree.

Talking about the Batik, it is an ancient wax-resistant technique. The wax applied to the fabric with the help of the brush or copper stamp. The material is dyed, and the folded side will not be impacted.

4. Avneet Kaur

Avneet Kaur, the versatile celebrity known for their dancing, acting, and modeling, was recently wearing a tie and die shibori T-shirt. She paired the t-shirt with the plain cream color short, which looks stunning with the white sneakers.

Avneet kaur wearing shibori

The shibori is a famous Indian and Japanese tie and dye technique. It is a process by which various designs are created by folding and crumbling the cloth, and the unfolded areas remain undyed, which results in striking patterns.

5. Priyanka Jain

The migration of the Vankars community from Rajasthan to Gujarat led to an increase in the Bujodi work of Kutch. With the help of other fabrics, the wool handspun in the loom forms a Bujodi cloth. The cloth then used for shawls, stoles, dupatta and other Bujodi dresses.

Designer Priyanka Jain loves to experiment with the Bujodi fabric. Recently, one of her Bujodi dresses gained a lot of popularity.

Bujodi suit

Other than above, you will find a lot of celebrities flaunting beautiful ethnic dresses of Kutch. If you love the above style and if you are planning to buy Indian ethnic wear for women, then visit Kutchi Bazaar, the top Indian Ethnic Wear Store. From bandhani or Bujodi work, you will find a variety of dresses for women that depict Gujarat’s heritage. They are India’s best Indian Ethnic brand who strive to bring the most authentic and exclusive crafts by showcasing the fine skill of artisans to the whole world.

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