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16 Most Important Instagram Stats That Matter to Marketers in 2021

Today, most businesses sell their services on Instagram because of its marketing power. But there are a few stats that you need to consider to know about your uk instagram followers via these stats.

1.   90% of the Insta followers follow brands

Do you know amount 1B registered Insta profile? Nine hundred million of them follow at least one Business profile?

2.    Insta is the 10th most famous query

What do people usually search for? It is primarily a typical question like videos, images, products, etc. Do you know people often search for a website like Amazon, Facebook, et? But now, Instagram has made its way to the list.

3.    People Find new items on Insta

Instagram helps the users to get their hands on the suitable product. It supports the brands presenting their item to the right audiences in a few words. Around 60% of the users find the new article on Insta. It is the reason brands buy followers uk.

4.    Users upload millions of images each day.

After the launch of Insta, Users launches around 40B more images on Insta. Here is an interesting fact; people post around 100 million or more photons on their Intsa profiles daily.

5.    Instagram and like

Influencers do crazy things and even buy instagram likes uk to get engagement rates. It is because Insta always appreciates the human approach.

6.    Women are famous than Men.

As per the research, female Instagrammers get around 5x more likes than male users. Why it is so: Instagram is an image-based handle, so females get more like. Do you know insta is famous among females than males? Around 43% of the Female Adult in America uses it an adult men ratio is only 31%

7.    Insta stories are famous.

Do you know Insta stories are the element that makes Instagram stand firm against Snapchat? Now you have learned how valuable these features are for marketing. According to the studies, around 500M people use Insta stories every day.

8.    The price per click on Insta is 2.40 dollars.

Do you what he fame the price per click also increases? So, the 2.40 dollars is the avg figure, and it is vital to learn that the price varies depending on the country. In Japan, it is around 1.48 dollars price per click.

9. Businesses have around 4% of the user interaction of the local followers

You must be thinking the 4% is not a notable thing, but it is. Facebook and Insta offer 0.1%. Do you know businesses get the highest interaction rates on Insta?

10. Video has more interaction than photos.

No one can deny the value of video branding. It is one of the intelligent and reliable features now. Do you know the post with video have 38% more interaction rates hen INsta photos? Now let us move towards the following stats about Instagram.

11.   Businesses usually upload content more than once time

Are you searching for the answer to how often you need to post the content? The answer is all leading businesses post more than once on Insta. If you take the avg, the content they upload is 1.5/day.

12.  Insta is a famous social media handle amongst Teens

Only one social media handles that is famous than Insta is YouTube. Do you know around 72% of teenager uses Insta? What does it mean? It shows Instagram is much more famous than Snapchat among teens.

13.   9 hashtags: more than enough

Indeed you cna use around 30 #tags in the posts, but it is unnecessary to use all. The content with around 9#tags shows the highest interaction rates per the research. So, choose the hashtags carefully because they can be the game-changer for your brand.

14. Photos with faces

Would you like to get more like from uk instagram followers? If yes, then here come the exciting stats about the Insta. As per the study, you must upload photos with faces if you like to earn more views and likes. It is best to pick the face that advertises your business. Or you can also upload the images without the face on the Insta.

15. Around 1/3 users of Insta make buys via mobile.

Here come another interesting stats about Instagram. It says that around 33% of users say they made buys via their mobiles. They also added, they also bought products on Insta, since the handles now offer built-in payment features. Hence Insta has become a more reliable medium for brands.

16.  Mosy famous hashtag: #love

Here come the 16th most exciting stats about Instagram. Do you know what the most famous and used hashtag is? It is  #love, it is the most famous #tags with around 1.38B content, followed by #photooftheday and #instagood. So it is time to spread love in the captions!

So, what’s your take on these exciting Instagram stats?


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