How to Move Emails from One Account to Another in Office 365? 2022 Solution

User Query- “Hey I’m John from L.A, USA. I’m currently working as a system administrator in an IT company. We use Microsoft Office 365 for storing our business’s crucial data files. Due to the company’s divestiture event, I want to learn how to move emails from one account to another in Office 365. Is there any reliable way to do so as I’ve searched but was unable to find any solution?”

Scenario- There are chances that you may feel the same need just like John. Many organizations nowadays are using Office 365 productivity suite for their business operation. In cases where organizations undergo various events like mergers, acquisitions, divestiture, etc, they feel the same need. This task is quite complex but it definitely has a solution. Follow this article till the end to know the best way to get your work done.

Ways to Perform Tenant to Tenant Migration Office 365 Microsoft in Minimal Time

There are usually two approaches that users can opt for in order to execute this migration task seamlessly. One is the manual approach & the other is the modern approach. We are going to discuss about both approaches in brief below.

Manual Approach
Exporting the data files to O365 in PST file format is the manual approach in one sentence. Users must be aware of the fact that Microsoft does not offer any direct tool for this task. So, to counter this limitation, users need to split the migration task into two different tasks. First, they need to download the required files & convert them into PST file format. Secondly, admins have to export this data to Office 365 cloud server. This task is complex & involves various risks & complications where naive users are most likely to get stuck. In addition, many users have lost or corrupted their sensitive business information due to various errors.   

Modern Approach
The modern approach involves dedicated tools developed with the aim of solving particular user queries. These tools minimize the risk factors & provide a success ratio of 99.99% to users. Furthermore, this tool can execute the entire task in one go. It does not need to break the operation into two tasks. Most organizations are preferring the automated solution over the manual one to get the best results for their organization.

Industry Leading Utility to Solve User Query

Users can easily learn how to move emails from one account to another in Office 365 safely. They just need to download the Most Secure Office 365 to Office Migration Tool for a smooth data migration experience. This tool is dedicated to solving this user query without any errors in minimal time. After downloading the tool, follow the below-mentioned steps & images to know the step-by-step solution in detail.

Step-1. Launch the Tool first, and then Select the Source & Destination Platform as Office 365.
Now you must Select the Categories in this workload section, such as email, calendars, and documents, and don’t forget to Apply the Date Range Filter.
For both the source & destination, Enter the Office 365 Administrator login Details. Evidently, validate the appropriate permissions.
Create User Mapping for migrating users in bulk. Validate the users & then proceed further.
Finally, users just need to click on the Start Migration button to begin the operation.

Stunning Features of the Automated Tool

The Modern approach possesses several benefits that users can enjoy apart from experiencing a safe data migration operation. This is why IT experts & even various Microsoft MVPs recommend using the modern approach with the above-mentioned tool.

  • This utility can perform tenant to tenant migration Office 365 Microsoft & keeps the data integrity as it is.
  • It’s quite easy to migrate emails, contacts, calendars & documents using this tool for your data migration.
  • Archived & shared mailboxes can also be migrated to their respective destination without any data loss.
  • Modern approach & the tool supports Windows operating system 10, 8, 7 & even server 2012 & 2016.
  • Users can migrate bulk data if they opt for the modern approach. They can’t do this in the manual method without complications.

Bringing It All Together

In this short & crisp write-up, we discussed about the possible solutions to this data migration operation. Moreover, we learned about the best & reliable solution to perform this operation without any data loss issues. In addition, we mentioned some useful features of the automated solution that significantly helped end-users in making their operation successful.

This article is the best guide to learn how to move emails from one account to another in Office 365. The above-mentioned approach & advanced tool can easily handle the entire operation on its own.

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