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How to choose the most suitable logo colour for your brand

How to choose the most suitable logo colour for your brand

Are you confused about what color to choose for your new logo for your business?

Many business owners don’t even bother to choose the right color for their logo, they just use whatever they obtain from anywhere. There’s a tremendous benefit hidden behind the color psychology of the logo that most people are unaware of. You should take this seriously if you’re like them since it is the biggest decision you can possibly make that will affect your brand’s reputation. You can start taking action by understanding color psychology first and then moving to the next step. 

The purpose of this article is to provide every piece of information about the concept behind logo color and how you can choose the right logo for your brand.

Importance of color in iconic logo design

The color of your logo can accentuate your brand’s identity. Researchers have found that while colors convey inherent meaning just as carefully chosen brand names, they also contribute to brand recognition and communicate brand identity.

Colors have a profound effect on the psychological state of consumers, more than merely aesthetic appeal. In iconic logo design colors can evoke a lot of emotions and associations based on the type of brand you have.

Having a good logo is synonymous with having a good brand. You might think of McDonald’s or Apple as iconic brands. As shorthand for their business, their logos are instantly recognizable.

Color Psychology (how colors affect your brand)

A discussion of branding and logo colors would not be complete without mentioning color psychology. Human behavior is influenced by color psychology it is meant to determine how color affects the things that we buy on a daily rutine and using colors in your logo design can convey meaning and elicit emotions. As the human mind is programmed to respond to different colors differently, it can be a powerful form of non-verbal communication. Colour plays a major role in the mental process of responding to visual stimuli.

When you create a brand identity, you need to consider the psychology of colors. You can assign meaning to your palette by connecting it with your values and eliciting specific behaviors. In turn, the wrong choices are detrimental to your brand image. A few important logo color meanings are below.

Blue Color Psychology:

Blue is a common color for corporate logos. It instills a sense of calm with a feeling of trust and spiritual awareness. It is also synonymous with legitimacy and success, which helps explain why it is popular with both governments and financial institutions.

Red Color Psychology: 

When you see red color, you may feel passionat and energetic, or dangerous, as well as feel warm. Since it can stimulate appetites as well, many restaurants and food products use it in their logos. Adding red to your logo can give it a dynamic feel.

Yellow Color Psychology:

Friendliness and cheer are embodied in this warm color. Yellow is the perfect color for brands because that aim to capture consumer attention with a friendly, warm embrace and an energetic vibe. 

Orange Color Psychology:

 This pristine color is very eye-catching, fun for kids, and easy to use. If a brand wishes to inspire happiness and vitality, orange might be the right choice.


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