How Tinted Root Cover Hair Makeup Helps to Conceal Gray Hair

Why are temporary hair dyes and hair makeup pods are gaining such popularity? We have seen a major rise in their sales, and people, especially women, are going crazy over them. The reason is nothing but the convenience they offer. They make it easy to change colors without worrying about work or college. It’s a perfect non-permanent alternative for hair dyes. It’s not only temporary, but it will also make heads turn towards you, and you’ll also score tons of compliments. Even experts like Meri Kate O’Connor and Stephanie Lynn Diaz are going crazy over these hair makeup tools. Let’s see how this works, what dyes are best for you, and what are not?

Is temporary dye bad for your hair?

Do many people wonder if hair makeup pods are dangerous for their hair or damage the hair even further? The answer is absolutely no. These dyes are less damaging than the permanent ones and save you from the thousands of dollars you spend at the salon. The expert Diaz clearly says that these temporary hair makeup kits are a whole different ball game, and there is absolutely no possibility for damage. You have to take care of the shampoo that you are using. Make sure to use a color-safe shampoo to protect your hair from any temporary color.

And you know what the catch is? If you have natural virgin hair that is ultra-light, even these temporary hair makeup pods will leave a more permanent effect without damaging it. You can understand it like this, the lighter your hair and the darker the temporary hair makeup pod is, the longer it will take to wash it out. And the best part is it won’t ruin your natural hair color, but it’ll stay there for longer than just a single wash.

What is the best temporary hair dye?

If you are looking for one thing that can instantly lift your mood and make you look a lot brighter, it’s hair makeup. It’s perfect for covering up your gray hairline, adding some color to your life, and making you stand out. A hair makeup pod is a perfect choice if you are trying to look younger without wasting a lot of money in the salons, and it’s a better choice than actually dying your hair.

Now that you have made up your mind about using the ever-so-popular hair makeup, and you know that they are not that dangerous for your hair either, it’s time to decide the best hair dye for you. Hair makeup for hairlines can easily be found in various ranges of formulas. It mainly includes sprays, cream, liquid, and gels. The best part about these dyes is that they come in many bright color shades. It’s not just about covering up your gray hair or bald hairline; maybe your office or college doesn’t allow bright color dyes, but you really want to loosen up on the weekend and have fun, or maybe you are scared for the damages caused by the bleach. Maybe you want to feel the bright shade on your hair! Regardless of the reason, a hair makeup pod or temporary hair colors is your ultimate solution

Types Of Hair Make Up:-

The main types of hair makeup include hair mascara, hair chalk, and hair spray dye. Let’s have a look at each one of them:

Hair Mascara is not just for covering up the baldness and grays; it also helps in adding a fun pop of any bold color. You can directly apply it on your hair using the wand and brush your way throughout the hair strand. It usually lasts for 1-2 washes but can last longer if your hair is lighter.

Hair chalks are mainly known for the opacity that they offer. It is typically known for showing up on every hair color. You have to dampen your hair, divide it into small sections, and run the chalk down each strand.

The easiest hair makeup pods are the ones that come in sprays. Just like its meaning, it can easily be sprayed all over the strand, and you’ll be good to go. It’s the easiest and the simplest form of temporary hair dye for beginners.

Hair makeup pods are the new trend that everyone is following these days. You can easily apply the color in the morning to give it a fresh, vibrant look and wash it off at night. And if you are someone who doesn’t wash their hair day every day, you can easily rock your funky hair for two or even three days, although it might fade a little.

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