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How Much Does an Amazon FBA Seller Make?

Amazon has become one of the most bankable and reliable e-commerce sites for sellers across the world, moreover, after the 2020 coronavirus pandemic. After the Covid-19 pandemic had hit the world and the impositions of the consecutive lockdowns. Overall dependence of the customers and online shopping on Amazon had increased manifold. The Jungle Scout Consumer Trends report of 2021 revealed that 65% of consumers shopped on Amazon in the third quarter of the year.


As the customer’s demands for free shipping and speedy delivery are rising, sellers are responsible for ensuring quick delivery with no extra charges. The best option for that is to sell your goods on Amazon when a person becomes an Amazon FBA seller. Amazon takes care of the logistics such as packaging, picking up and delivery of the orders. This allows the sellers to focus on the quality of the products and reduces the cost of maintenance and upkeep.


But a critical and most discussed point of discussion is: how much money and profits does an Amazon FBA seller in 2022 make after selling their products and services on Amazon?


Profit Of The Business

The Jungle Scout report stated that, on average, the earnings of 44% of the Amazon sellers range from $1000 to $25,000 a month. New Amazon FBA sellers’ can earn roughly somewhere around $42,000 annually. On the other hand, around 20% of the sellers, a minority, can make from $25,000 to $250000 per month. A small coterie of Amazon sellers, approximately 6%, can also register monthly sales of more than $250000. Some sellers earn less than $1000 per month, which amounts to 26%.


The Amazon FBA sellers earn huge profits as well. The sellers’ profit margins are comparatively higher than any other e-commerce platform, from 10% to even more than 20%. 68% of Amazon sellers recorded profits of more than 10%. A remarkable 36% documented profit margins of more than 20%. 8% of Amazon sellers said they had not seen profits in their business.


After the Covid-19 outbreak, most Amazon sellers that have come on the selling platform are neophytes, but this has not hampered their sales. A staggering 43% of Amazon sellers produced astounding lifetime sales of over $100,000, which persuades people to extend their services on Amazon. While 16% of them manage to make sales of $100,000-500,000, 8% of Amazon sellers lifetime sales range from $500,001-1,000,000.

Final Takeaway

However, it is also essential to note that the profits do not come as soon as you start your journey as an Amazon FBA seller. One needs to establish their online brand with a strong market presence and business acuity for the profits to come. But a massive 64% of Amazon sellers said that their businesses started paying dividends and making profits from the first year of selling only


A good 6% of Amazon sellers have become millionaires from their businesses on the platform. Close to 38% of sellers have called their enterprises to be serving their home well as they started it as a side hustle.


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