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How Explainer Videos are Vital to Grow your Business

Explainer videos are an essential part of your marketing toolkit. It’s one of the best ways to launch your message into orbit and tell potential customers what you’re about.

Pitching your startup’s products and services to potential clients can be tricky through plain text. Creating startup videos is much more appropriate when it comes to explaining what your product is all about and how to use it.

Let’s take a look at how to explainer videos are vital to grow your business

#1. Build Rapport with Customers

Have you ever been asked by a client to send him something special?

This actually happened to me last month when I was in San Francisco.

Knowing that he likes coffee and not wanting to meet him empty handed, I brought him a goodie bag filled with, among other uniquely Indonesian items, several packs of our finest processed coffee beans.

And then he asked me this question:
“Do you have any other special kind of coffee that one can only find in Indonesia?”

To satisfy his curiosity, after thinking for a while, I replied, “We have a coffee that’s made out of poop.

It’s hilarious. He laughed in disbelief.

Well, apparently he never heard about civet coffee, so I told him the story of how the civet cat, in the highlands of Sumatra, are able to find, eat, digest and excrete the very best coffee beans

And those beans ultimately sell for more than $250 a pound.

Immediately he asked me to send him some once I returned to Indonesia.

And I did.

Which he happily received one week later.

What’s the moral of the story?

Use a unique approach to attract someone’s interest.

If I merely said that civet coffee is the best coffee one can get, he might not be really tempted to try it. BUT instead, I told him that civet coffee is digested, passed out as a poop, and then processed. And he was easily sold on the uniqueness of the story.

This is the same thing we do with our explainer videos at Breadnbeyond.

The power of our videos lies with the explanation. It’s our approach that makes anyone wanted to learn more, believe, and eventually buy.

Now, if you are looking to create an explainer video what you need to understand is:

1. Exaggeration is good
2. Focus on only a single unique thing about your product (preferably something that you can’t find anywhere else)
3. Target only a specific part of your audience

But first, make sure you build a good rapport with your readers.

Be their friend.

To help you get a better idea about how you can focus on your product’s (or service’s) uniqueness, I have compiled a short e-book with 5 examples of how you can exaggerate your product (or service) and laser target it to a specific audience.

#2. Makes Your Website Perfect

You’ll amaze if you visit EveryLastDrop website’s sheer appearance.

It is fully loaded with cartoon art, and the interesting point is that they still have an explainer video on their website. No matter how good your website is, you will need an explainer video to explain yourself better.

Their explainer video is blend perfectly on the website. The color chosen in the video perfectly matched the website. This is exactly what you need if you want to embed your explainer video on your landing page.

The explainer video itself is a very good explainer video.

During the enchanting 90 seconds duration, they deliver the message nicely throughout the video. It talks about how precious water is, and why we should skimp every drop of water we use.

If we want to create an explainer video, and embed it on our website.

It will be good to have this video as a reference. As well as making sure that the color blend perfectly with the landing page color, so it can increase the visitors enjoyment when they visit your website.

#3. People Will Understand Your Business Better

Recently, we interview one of our client, Alec Lynch from at Skynews, Australia to talk about what is behind his business.

He used Breadnbeyond’s service to create an explainer video that help people to understand about his business.

DesignCrowd is an online marketplace that help businesses outsource or crowdsource logo, graphic, and web design from designers all around the world.

The way it works, business goes to DesignCrowd’s website, then post a project, requesting a logo design, and offering some amount of money for the designer who win the contest.

DesignCrowd will open the project up to the world and invite thousands of designers to response the project. Designers then begin uploading design so their client can review.

Typical project goes for about ten days and cost about 400 dollars. The process fixes several number of problems from the traditional design industry that slow, expensive, and risky.

DesignCrowd is faster, cheaper, and more creative.

Wondering how DesignCrowd get all designers on their website? DesignCrowd had been started since 2007, they ran a contest to encourage designers come to register at their website.

DesignCrowd operate in global graphic design industry, it crowdsources various designers to help every business niche in finding the right design for their brand. Not only for business, this new model of business will also provide opportunities to all graphic designer from all around the world to get jobs easier.

It was obvious that on the interview, explainer video also have a remarkable role in explaining the business. Explainer video help the speaker to explain what he said visually to avoid misunderstanding. Viewer can catch the speaker intention clearly with the help of the visuals.

This is why you need an explainer video for your business. It’s also good for any marketing campaign. Check out Breadnbeyond’s video marketing checklist infographic to give you a bright ideas for your campaign.

One more thing, creativity when optimizing the explainer video is also a must. To increase the engagement to their audience, DesignCrowd asked us to recreate the video in several English accent, from British English to New Zealand accent (actually they create 5 different version for US, British, Australia, New Zealand, and Canada).

This improve their engagement rate much more than what we expected, and thus justifies the use of explainer video at every marketing aspect of their business.

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