How do you become a Great Team Leader?

The team Leader helps organizes the team to achieve the goal by reducing errors. Their role is vast; they have to nurture excellence, motivate, and inspire people. What if the leader is not capable of boosting the team? The employees will lose sight of the goal, and many may look for better opportunities considering their current job is tedious.

The team leader’s success depends on how they get the work done by employees. They have to find the hidden talent from the team and use the resources optimally to get the best out of it.

Plan the personal development program:

The completion of goals matters, but helping employees succeed matters. The team leader has to think about employee development. What would employees stay in the organization and serve them when they don’t have the scope of progression?

So, the team leader has to focus on developing the team, delegating the authority to bring the sense of responsibility in employees, providing the necessary training, especially when there is a new platform or concept, and monitoring.

Honesty and empathy:

Take the example; there are two teams of ten employees, say team A and team B, in an organization. The different team leader heads each team, and these teams have the same responsibilities.

The employees of team A seem to be frustrated, unable to accomplish a task on time, and back-to-back employees are resigning. Whereas members of team B support each other, are satisfied, and have a low attrition rate.

It happens because of the team leader’s behavior. According to one study, the team leader’s attitude is one of the biggest reasons for high attrition because they fail to keep up the promise, blame others for their mistake, and lie to the team.

The best way to becoming a good leader like Thomas Kane Chicago and other global executives is when a team member requires advice or encouragement, offers it. Thomas Kane Chicago is a Private Wealth Manager and Managing Director at Merrill Private Wealth Management.

Reward Excellence:

What is one of the significant drawbacks of the team leader? They are unable to identify excellence as a team. If they see the negative side of the employee and pinpoint them, their responsibility is also to find the best part in employees and appraise them.

The team also respects the professional attitude. Leaders have to reward the correct behavior and see the good in people.

The behavior trait of arrogance, autocratic, and intolerance will not work as a team leader. They need to have the quality of humbleness.

In case of low performance, the leader has to find the cause behind the inefficiency and help them by providing better guidance and instruction to the team.

Not to forget, achieve a goal:

The leaders need to have management skills. Management skill is a broad concept, it is limited not only to people management, but it also includes time and resource management.

By emphasizing goal setting, the leader may forget the big picture. They have to focus on priority while keeping in mind the bigger picture.

The accomplishment of a goal does not mean putting excess pressure on employees. If they make them work after office hours, weekends, or break time, the employee feels exhausted, leading to low efficiency.

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