How Do I Recover If HP Printer Showing Offline?

Sometimes it happens that when we try to print the document you get the notification saying your HP Printer Is Offline, this can be irritating as it stops your printer from printing.

There can be many reasons behind this issue, if your printer and computer are not connecting properly this may also lead to this error. Don’t worry if you don’t know how to fix this, we are here with the steps you can follow to solve the HP Printer is Offline issue. Let’s start.

What Does Your Printer is Offline Means

If the default hp printer password a message pops up on your screen, don’t just think that your printer is broken because this is not the reason. The offline printer is the one that is not able to communicate with devices that are sending the printing job.

In this case, when your printer is not receiving the printing messages, it is suggested to pause all the printing jobs till the time you solve this issue. Also, save the work so you can do the printing part later after resolving the problem.

Some reasons leading to this issue are.

  1. If your drivers are outdated
  2. Major issues in the connection
  3. Having problems in the setting part
  4. Having USB Cable issues

How To Bring Your HP Printer Offline to Online?

Below we have mentioned the methods to resolve the offline issue. Follow them one by one till your issue is solved.

Method 1. Checking the Physical Cable and the Printer

In this method check both of the ends of your cable to see if they are properly inserted or not. In case your printer has been networked then confirm that your Ethernet cable is inserted firmly. Check the connection of your internet or check whether it is connected with the router if your printer is wireless.

If you are having a connection with the cable then try to use your end of the printer’s cable with the multiple sockets or ports on the device. Also, try different cables so that you can get sure that the fault is not with your cables alone.

Using the wireless or the network device has the simple check just attach your cable with the device or computer and check if the printer is properly working. If yes then the fault can be with the network connection.

Method 2. Set the Default Printer

Before you follow the steps for this method just be sure that you have installed and downloaded all the updates of your Windows 10 system.

Let’s begin with the steps for the Windows 10 users.

  1. In the first step, open the devices from your search box.
  2. Then select the option printers and scanners.
  3. Then make sure the box next to the let your windows manage the default printer is unchecked. Select this box so that you can unselect it if it is required.
  4. Now from the list which is provided to you choose the printer.
  5. In case the printer is mentioned many times then choose the version which represents the online or the idle status.
  6. Now click on the management and then click on the option Set as the Default.

For Windows 8 users

For the users of Windows 8, they have to select the printer from devices that are shown there. If they have the version more than one time then select the not who is not grayed out. Now click right and choose the Set as the default option and then try to print.

If the issue is still not solved then move to the next step.

Method 3. Check Your Connections

When checking the connection of the printer with the device one can know many causes for the printer offline issue. If you are using the USB cord for the connection then make sure to place it securely. Use any other cord if a problem still exists.

Follow the steps for a wireless network connection with the printer
  1. In the first step, restart the printer and then wait for a few seconds.
  2. Then disconnect your power cord from the printer and turn off the computer.
  3. Next, connect your power cord to the printer and then turn on your printer.
  4. Now just from the wireless router just disconnect those power cords and then wait for a few seconds.
  5. Reconnecting to the internet may take some time, when it is done just power on the computer.
  6. Use the smart software of HP and the HP wizard wireless setup to connect the printer with your network.
  7. If you still face any connectivity issues then print the wireless report.
  8. Now from the wireless menu or from the network settings find the report.

Method 4. Remove all of the Pending Printing Jobs

From the menu click right and choose to see what is printing and then cancel if there are any printing jobs present.

When you remove the printing jobs, just again select the use the printer online. If you are still stuck somewhere then try to restart both the printer and the computer.


We hope that by following the above-mentioned methods you will resolve the HP Printer Showing Offline error. You need to check that all of your drivers are properly updated and installed. Timely update your system and driver to use the printer smoothly. If you are still stuck out in any step do contact us.

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