Here Is How You Can Resolve QuickBooks Error 15270

QuickBooks is accounting software that helps many small and medium-sized businesses within the smooth running of their businesses by assisting them in accounting, bookkeeping, payroll, and so on. it’s been updating its software constantly to provide its users error-free software. However, there are various errors that users frequently face while using QuickBooks, and one such error is that the QuickBooks error 15270. When error 15270 pops on the screen, users can’t install payroll updates. There are several ways within which you’ll solve the difficulty that we’ve mentioned further during this article.

If you would like to unravel QuickBooks error 15270 quickly and efficiently, and don’t want to travel through the method manually, you’ll call 1.800.579.0391.

What are the triggers of error 15270?

Multiple reasons trigger error 15270 while installing payroll updates, and a few of them are listed below-

1. The recently updated version of QuickBooks might need contracted a bug.
2. You want to have an active QuickBooks subscription to download your payroll update. An inactive QuickBooks subscription may cause the error.
3. If you enter an incorrect Service Key, QuickBooks error 15270 might appear on your screen.
4. EIN or Employee number when entered incorrectly may cause interruptions within the payroll update process.
5. You wish to possess updated QuickBooks software on your device. The non-updated versions of QuickBooks might also create a difficulty updating payroll.
6. Your Internet connection should be stable to avoid any disruption.

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Ways to repair QuickBooks error 15270

When QuickBooks error 15270 pops up, we are able to apply several solutions to mend the matter. Below are a number of the straightforward ways by which you’ll fix the problem-

Solution 1: Check if your QuickBooks subscription is active

For Standard, Enhanced, and Basic payroll, follow the steps given below-

1. Attend the staff tab and choose My Payroll Service
2. Click on the Accounting/Billing Information or Account Info/Preferences option.
3. Log in to your QuickBooks account and open the QuickBooks Payroll Account Maintenance page.
4. Check if you have got an active QuickBooks subscription.

For Assisted Payroll, follow the steps given below-

1. Click on the employees tab and choose My Payroll Service
2. Move to Accounting/Billing Information or Account Info/Preferences option.
3. When the Payroll Account Maintenance page opens, close the screen to prompt an update and re-validate your payroll service.

Solution 2: Verify if your EIN and repair Key are correct

If you enter your social security Number rather than Employer identification Number (EIN) you may encounter QuickBooks Payroll Update Error 15270. If you don’t enter your Service Key or enter an incorrect Service Key, then also you may see update error code 15270 doping up on your screen. To avoid the error, confirm your EIN and repair Key are correct.

These are the solutions you can go through to easily fix QuickBooks Error 15270.


To solve QuickBooks Error 15270 you’ll follow either solution given above and simply download the payroll updates. Correct Internet configuration and active QuickBooks subscription help reduce maximum errors from your QuickBooks Desktop. just in case the matter continues, you’ll be able to seek assistance from our experts by calling 1.800.579.0391.

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