Hair Botox Is this Safe

Hair Botox Is this Safe

Hair Botox
Hair Botox

Hair Botox is quite popular among youngsters and many of them went to the dermatologist for asking whether they should go for that or not. Hair Botox uses conventional Formaldehyde or Formaldehyde releasing agents. The question that has been asked the most is, how do they give the hair a smooth and shiny look to the hair? Formaldehyde doesn’t have anything to do with the hair, it breaks the bonds of the hair and realigns the keratin filaments in a way that they reflect light more strongly, hence, gives you that shiny and healthy-looking look.


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Some women do have a problem with curly and frizzy hair. And these non-invasive and non-surgical treatments somehow solve this problem. After this treatment, you can easily manage your hair for a few weeks. These treatments work on the principles of deep conditioning claiming to rebuild the loss of nutrients and other chemicals from the hairs.

Hair Botox can be suitable for all types of hair, most people having dry, frizzy, dull, or thin hair prefer Botox treatment. One of the benefits of hair Botox over other keratin treatments is they retain the volume of hair.

How To Take Care Of Your Hair After Hair Botox?

The very important thing you should keep in mind is that you have to use a shampoo that has natural ingredients hair twice a week. The more your stay away from the chemical product, the healthier your hair will be.

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Use a perfect natural Hair mask that is best for your hair type and texture.

Remember to use conditioner and rinse them properly with warm water.

And never try to comb your hair when they are wet.

And as much as possible stay away from styling chemical products and styling hair dryers or any other styling devices

Time Limit of the Hair Botox Effects:

Normally Botox treatment effects last between 2-4 months if you are using sulfate-free shampoo. This may increase the time duration of your treatment effects as long as possible


Apparent Advantages Of Hair Botox:

Gives perfect strength to your hair by replenishing fibers of your hair.

Removes frizz from your hair

Protect hair from dandruff

Most importantly reduces hair damage and hair loss.

Major side effects of Hair Botox.

Now let us understand why your dermatologist doesn’t recommend you to go ahead with hair Botox treatments.

These Formaldehyde releasing derivatives or Formaldehyde itself is a controversial molecule with reports that it triggers even cancers in a certain population, though they need some long-term studies to prove this.

But it has been found in animals’ studies and it is proven that the Formaldehyde used in this treatment can be carcinogenic

It has also been found to induce genetic mutation in an unborn child of women having Botox treatment for straightening the hair

It does not only irritate the eyes but also puts you out at the risk of getting an allergic reaction. So, a person having this Botox treatment could develop allergic eczema or rashes even after a couple of months.

Most dermatologists are against this Botox treatment. It may also cause pigmentation which ultimately causes damage to the cuticular structure of your hair in the long run.

Even after having the initial 6-7 weeks of having this extra glamorous looking hair. People do go to the dermatologist complaining of hair breakage, which is sometimes very difficult to manage

Apart from these high levels of disadvantages. This treatment is also an expensive one.

Need comprehensive aftercare for your hair.

You also cannot dye your favorite hair color after this Botox Hair treatment.


So please think twice before following of doing this popular but not so safe hair Botox treatment.




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