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Foods that are misunderstood

Foods, like people, are not fully understood. They get stereotyped and labeled as well. And since many of us are too lazy to research, we buy into this misinformation, and start to demonize some foods.

At the same time, some foods that should be avoided are heralded as healthy. This misconception is often a result of savvy marketing, and well, human laziness.

Hence, it is important to pick the topics of misunderstood foods apart, so our dietary habits can be guided accordingly, as the Best Nutritionist in Lahore will also tell you.

Foods that are misunderstood as being bad


Just because bananas are sweet does not make them bad. On the contrary, bananas can also be heralded as a super food, as they are high in good nutrients like fiber, potassium, vitamin C, B group vitamins, etc.

Bananas are also good for those having gut problems. Since it is sweet, it is a better alternative to desserts. Moreover, it also goes well with so many recipes and foods.


Poor potatoes are ostracized, despite being versatile and absolutely delicious. However, when cooked correctly and consumed in moderation, potatoes are actually healthy.

They are a good source of nutrition; potatoes contain vitamin C, an excellent antioxidant and potassium. Moreover, some potatoes contain vitamin A, which plays a key role in vision and bones.

And more important, potatoes are filling and cheap. Hence, instead of completely rejecting them, consume them in moderation. Of course, if you fry them, you are not making a healthy choice, but that’s the fault of cooking method and not the poor potato.


Unless you have gluten allergy, you do not need to stop consuming wheat. Of course, moderation is key. Wheat is a good source of fiber, which makes it filling, good for digestion and way to combat constipation.

Whole wheat consumption has also been linked to lesser chance of type II diabetes, early death, and heart disease.


Cheese is delicious and you have every right to enjoy it. Alongside being a good source of protein, calcium, vitamin A, zinc, and some b group vitamins, cheese is also a versatile ingredient that makes food taste great. Hence, there is no need to remove it from your kitchen.

Foods that are misunderstood as being good

Diet coke

Just because it carries the word diet does not mean it is good for your health. Diet coke might claim to have zero sugar, but it does contain artificial sweeteners that are not good for your health.

Moreover, the acidic content in diet coke also renders them unhealthy, especially for your oral cavity.

Energy drinks

People think that as energy drinks give a bit of a boost, they are good for health. However, that is simply not true. Alongside being addictive, energy drinks also can posit problems like sleep issues, racing heart, etc.

So, instead of gladly chugging energy drinks, try instead coffee, tea, fruits, etc.

Fruit juices

If it says the word fruit, then it has got to be healthy, right? Well, not really. If you eat fruits with their pulp, you are neutralizing the impact of high sugar with fiber, and thus, do not overconsume. It also then prevents a steep surge in sugar levels.

However, if you drink fruits juices sans pulp, you are consuming a concoction of mostly sugar. Alongside causing sugar rush, which is then followed by a dip, it also is dangerous for health, potentially leading to problems like diabetes. Hence, either dilute it with water or drink it with the pulp.

Foods that are labelled low-fat

Since the word fat has been demonized, therefore, people automatically presume that if something has lesser fat, it is good for you. However, this equation is not always and entirely true.

Certain low-fat items contain added salt or sugar, thereby rendering it unhealthy. Similarly, some fats are good for your health, and their consumption is necessary. Also, if you make your diet devoid of adequate fat intake, you will run into problems that require treatment from a specialist at Fatima Memorial Hospital. So, consume good fats, albeit in moderation.

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