Following Solutions of Canon Printer Error

The printer is an indispensable device in the workplace and, in some cases, in the private sector. Although paper is now slowly going into disuse thanks to the increasingly advanced digitization of documents, it is still necessary for some areas. As a result, printers are still widely sold on the market, especially Canon-branded ones. Models like Canon Pixma, Canon ts3150, Canon mg3650, and Canon mg2550 are among the most popular online as they come with very affordable prices, ideal for a small office or home use.

Like all printers, even the Canon printers can give some problems in operation that can derive from a lack of connection to the network, from the heads blocked by dry ink, or simply from a block due to a conflict between the settings.

In this article, we will explain how to printing in error state so that you can use it properly again.

However, we remind you that if these procedures do not work, you can always contact Canon customer service or check the correct reset method in the instruction manual. Some particular printer models may require special systems for resetting, so it is always better to inquire if you have any doubts.

Why We Need to Reset

You were using your Canon printer, and suddenly, it crashed for no reason Canon Printer Error. The printer and the computer turned off and on again. In short, everything seems fine, but the printer does not want to know about leaving.

Manual Reset Canon Printer Error

Most recent Canon printers have a practical LCD with directional keys and a central one to select the various settings and start the integrated functions. Before proceeding, however, you should know that ‘resetting’ the printer will restore the original factory settings, deleting any saved options. We, therefore, recommend that you write down any important changes you have made over the years so that you can re-enter them once you have reset them.

Now let’s finally move on to resetting the printer. Disconnect all cables from the printer and then use the display keys to select the Setup item. Press OK and then look for the Device Setup item. From here, press OK on the item and then always OK on Restore Setting. The Canon printer should reset once this option is confirmed, returning to the original factory settings.

Spooler Reset

Sometimes, the printer malfunction can simply be due to an excessive print queue, leading to a lack of communication between the PC and the device.

In this case, we speak of the ‘block’ of the Spooler, the storage system of the prints shared by the various users in the same network and allows the creation of print queues.

This problem occurs very often in offices, especially when several PCs use the same printer and send a series of requests. If the network or the printer are not performing sufficiently, the interruption of the Spooler can occur more frequently Canon Printer Error. However, often this situation can also depend on the PC’s performance.

If the print queue is blocked, you can resort to different systems. The most ‘brutal’ is to press Ctrl + Alt + Del to bring up the blue screen of Windows, where you can select the item Manage Tasks. Here you will have to find the operation related to the print queue and then press ‘finish.’

However, this system may not work. Windows may not close the print program and leave the spooler locked. Alternatively, go to the print queue and try to interrupt the various print jobs in the queue, trying to leave only one and see if the printing of the latter starts. If this system also does not work, you have no choice but to intervene directly on the Windows Print Spooler.

You can access it by typing Services in the Windows search bar and selecting the two gears icon. Once you have entered the list of services, select the Print Spooler item to stop it, simply clicking on the stop button and then on the Start button to resume the print queue.

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