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Why do Marketers Use Facebook Widgets for Websites?

Facebook is the most popular social media network today, with approximately 2.89 billion active monthly users. It is a great tool for engaging people, and marketers who use Facebook feeds on the website are leveraging this fact.

Facebook widgets act as lead magnets on websites. Marketers are using the Facebook widget to collect posts from Facebook, create their social wall, and display them on the website. It’s time you integrate the Facebook feed on your website.

But there are many more reasons and benefits of using the Facebook widget. Let’s find out in this blog post

Benefits of Using Facebook Widget

1. Get more Website Visitors to engage with your content 

Facebook content is very engaging as it easily captures the users’ attention and increases participation. But when it comes to websites, the visitors often find the content boring. There is no use of a website if you can’t hold the visitors’ attention and engage them. If you are facing the same problems, try adding a Facebook widget to your website. The engaging Facebook feeds will spread their magic on your website and help you increase website engagement.

2. Build trust in your audience for your Brand

Facebook is a platform where people share their customer experiences with brands. You can showcase the user experience of your product or service on your website with this UGC. This will benefit your brand as you can easily build trust in your audience. Website content is manipulative, so using UGC will create a feeling of trust in your audience. People will believe the word of your customers more than your marketing points

3. Enhance website layout and present fresh content

Facebook is an active social media platform, so adding the Facebook feed to the website means it will update with fresh content regularly. It sends a positive signal to the search engines that you are updating your content regularly for your audience and helps improve SEO ranking. Most websites have a similar structure, but the Facebook widget adds uniqueness and enhances your website layout and structure. 

4. Convert your website visitors into customers

Are you not getting enough conversions even after a lot of website traffic? Then you need to change the way you present your website. Adding the Facebook widget to the website is the secret weapon to convert the visitors. Intrigued to know how? It’s simple. Converting your website leads is proportional to the impact you create on them with your communication. After winning the trust of your website visitors with the UGC Facebook feed, you can influence them to buy your products or services easily. Thus, adding a Facebook widget to your website is an effective hack that you must try to get more conversions.

5. No code tool for Marketers

Adding a Facebook widget to a website is a very easy task for marketers. It doesn’t require any technical knowledge. This simple tool does all the widget customization easily, so you can control what Facebook posts you want to show on your website.

6. Inexpensive Tool

Facebook widgets are very economical. And considering the profit they bring to your business, we would say it’s a big win for you. Also, not to forget, using the Facebook widget means you are using already created content, so you don’t have to spend extra money on creating and managing new content for your website. The UGC content on Facebook is free for you, or you can reuse the content you have designed for your Facebook page on your website.

How to embed a Facebook widget for your website?

There is a lot you can do and experiment with a simple Facebook widget. For example, some of the content types you can showcase on your website are Facebook hashtag campaigns, page reviews, shoppable galleries from Facebook posts, or UGC.

To add Facebook content to your website, you will need to use free or paid widgets from the market. To make things easy for you, we have some of the top Facebook widget tool suggestions for you here.

  • Taggbox
  • Elfsight
  • SocialbleKIT

Final Thoughts

Create that missing connection with your potential customers and convert them into buyers. If you have a fan following on Facebook, don’t miss out on using the UGC to your advantage. Aggregate the best of posts and reviews your customers have shared for you and show them off on your website using a Facebook widget.

Bring that Facebook charm to your website by adding feeds using a widget tool. Create interactive and engaging Facebook feeds on your widget and display them on the website. If you haven’t been able to gain your audience’s attention and trust until now, adding Facebook feeds to the website will surely help you.

That’s all you need to boost your website engagement, conversions and build a solid brand identity.

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