Desert Safari Dubai – An Amazing Combo of Thrill & Adventure

Desert safari Dubai is experienced in the natural beauty of the Middle East “high red Arabian dunes”. This tour is a fascinating combo of thrill and adventure. It is totally up to you, either you experience it in the morning, evening or overnight time. All three variations are mindblowing in their place. Such as if you have a shortage of time, then you can go for the 4-hours tour. If you desire to admire every beauty of the Middle East and epic adventure on a limited budget. Then you must try the evening tour. Or along with the evening desert safari services if you want to camp on high red Arabian dunes and enjoy sunrise views with delicious breakfast. Then you must prioritize an overnight tour, which lasts for 13-hours. You can admire these services by visiting and avail of pocket-friendly packages with high-quality services.

Also, if you’re a luxury lover you can customize your regular services into VIP and private services. Where everything will be provided on a private basis with utter luxuries. Such as Bedouin camp setup, private pick up & drop off services, private sand activities and Refreshments & BBQ buffet dinner. Which will be prepared live by the best chef in the town and served on the table. You may also check to grab the desert safari ticket in advance. In this blog, we discuss the VIP desert safari with complete inclusions and prices per person. So without any further ado let start the VIP tour.

VIP Desert Safari with Complete Luxury

In this service, from pick & drop service to BBQ buffet dinner, everything will come private and with lavish services. At first, you need to book your tour at least 24 hours in advance by visiting the following websites. Then after receiving the confirmation email, the representative will acknowledge a pickup time. Which would approx around 2 PM – 2:30 PM.

1. 4X4 DoorStep Pick Up:

Make sure you get ready on time, the driver will pick you up on a lavish, air-conditioned and private Toyota Land Cruiser. However, in the regular package, the pickup vehicle is shared by other travellers.

2. Dune Bashing:

After arriving at the desert location, you will get to experience a dune bashing service on a private vehicle. Where to ensure your safety your vehicle will be incurred and perfectly loaded with safety features. To make sure you enjoy your thrill safely.

3. Other Sand Activities:

The rest of the sand activities, such as Camel ride, sandboarding and ATV Quad bike will be experienced private too. Also, you will get to all adventures under expert supervision.

4. Unlimited Refreshments:

You will have an access to enjoy unlimited Arabian coffee, tea, veg snacks and soft drinks. Besides, a beautiful separate VIP camp setup is made for you and all the goodies will be served on the table.

5. Live Entertainment Shows:

In the name of entertainment, you will get to enjoy six amazing live entertainment shows. Including 2 Belly dance shows, 2 thrilling fire shows and 2 amazing LED & Classic Tanoura shows.

6. BBQ Buffet Dinner:

BBQ buffet dinner comes with an extensive variety of veg and non-veg dishes. Also, the food is prepared live and the best chefs in town prepare your food. After dinner, the driver drop you safely at your destination.

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