The best Damascus knives Guide to Buying Damascus Steel Knives

A Damascus steel knife is a piece that any lover of good cuisine would appreciate having at their disposal. If you want to know about these magnificent Damascus knives, we invite you to continue reading, as we will talk about the most outstanding characteristics of the best models.

Damascus knives are those that are made of Damascus steel, a material compose of several types of forge steels , they are usually made by joining very hard steel with a thin one, to make it strong and at the same time flexible. The more layers the knife has, the more bond and tough it will have.

Comparison of the best Damascus knives

We have prepare a comparison with the characteristics, specifications and prices of the best Damascus knives that are available in the market, our intention is that you have all the information so that you can later choose the knife that suits you best.

 #1. Sunlong Damascus DK1043R 

This fabulous Sunlong brand knife has a unique and truly aesthetic Tsuchime texture Damascus blade. They feature a hand-honed VG-10 stainless steel blade core, coat on both sides by 33-layer steel.

In addition, this knife has a great hardness and resistance to wear, also with the Sunlong we can give the most precise cuts. Its handle is cover with rosewood, a high quality reddish wood, at the same time it is very ergonomic and comfortable to use.

Sunlong 5 Inch VG10 Damascus Santoku Knife Professional Kitchen Cutlery Knives Damascus Utility Knife SL-DK1043R

 #2. Xinzuo Santoku Damascus Steel Knife 

Among the best Damascus knives is the Xinzuo Santoku, made of  67 layers of high carbon content of Damascus steel and a core of 10Cr material with vacuum heat treatment. In addition, this model has great resistance to corrosion and rust.

This knife has a beautiful appearance, its handle is made of Pakkawood and beyond aesthetics it is ergonomic, since it allows us to have a good grip, and at the same time have a great experience in cutting. The Xinzuo has a total length of 33.10 cm, a length of the sheet 20.10 cm, and its total weight is 238g.

 #3. Damascus steel knife Kai Tim Mälzer Edition 

The Kai kitchen knife from the Tim Mälzer series is undoubtedly one of the best Damascus knives, each piece is unique, hand-forge with the highest quality steels. With this beautiful and functional knife, you can cut everything precisely and without the slightest effort.

Kai Europe’s DM-1706 is made of VG MAX steel and features 32 layers of corrosion-resistant Damascus steel. Its handle is made of Pakka noble wood impregnate with resin to increase its useful life and repel water.

The classic Tim Mälzer Edition knife is very comfortable and ergonomic, its handle allows it to be handled without the slightest problem by both right-hand and left-hand people. In short, it offers excellent value for money.

Kai Europe Tim Mälzer Edition - Kitchen Knife, 20 centimeters

 #4. 20 cm Deik professional Damascus knife. The cheapest damascus knife 

Deik’s professional Damascus knife has a length of 20 cm, it is made of Damascus steel (VG10 carbon stainless steel),  its blade is print with a beautiful design that shows a unique style, its ultra-sharp edge makes the cuts are made easily.

The handle of this knife is ergonomic, unique and very comfortable to handle. In addition, this piece has a high capacity to resist corrosion, wear, and stains. It is one of the cheapest Damascus knives available today, which is why it is a highly appreciate model.

 #5. Tojiro damascene steel knife 

Another of the excellent knife brands is Torijo, this time we will talk about its F-694 model, which has a length of 15 cm, and a light weight of only 77 grams. Made of top quality steel, its cutting edge is subject to a freezing and hardening process at a temperature of -70 ° C. that provides greater hardness.

On the other hand, the edge of the knife has a concave shape that achieves a longer duration of the sharpening and a more fluid sliding through the food. This piece of Torijo is very comfortable to use, it has a weight of 77 grams and its handle is made of soft-touch wood.

 # 6. Damascus Yarenh Knife  

Another great recommendation for Damascus knives is the Yarenh brand, made with high-quality 67-layer Damascus steel, and the hardness of the steel reaches 58-60 degrees, this high hardness guarantees wear resistance and durability of the product.

The handle of the knife is made of Pakka wood, very resistant to deterioration and deformation. The dimensions and weight of the knife is designe to adapt to the habits of the person who uses it, which at all times offers a comfortable and balance grip.

YARENH Japanese Santoku Knife 17cm, Professional Japanese Damascus Steel Kitchen Knives, Ultra Sharp Chef Knife, HYZ-Series Kitchen Axes

 # 7. Kitchen Emperor Damascus Steel Santoku Knife 

We finalize the recommendations of the best Damascus knives with the Kitchen Emperor Professional made with 67 layers of quality steel , this knife like the other models has a hard and flexible surface at the same time.

Its black handle is highly resistant to heat and humidity, which gives it a long life. Its handle is also comfortable and ergonomic, it has three rivets that provide greater resistance and durability. This knife is a great investment that will last you for a long time.

Kitchen Emperor Santoku Knife, Damascus Knife, Professional Kitchen Knives, Damascus Steel Knife 67 Layers with G10 Handle


Damascus knives deals

The models of damascus or damascene knives that we have shown you are the ones that according to our experience are the best. But surely you want to take into account more options when choosing a damascene knife.
Here we propose some models of knives that are also excellent:

# Preview Product Assessment
1 SHAN ZU Damascus Kitchen Knife, 20cm Damascus Steel Japanese Chef Knife 67 ... SHAN ZU Damascus Kitchen Knife, 20cm Damascus Steel Japanese Chef Knife 67 … No reviews
2 Navaris Damascus Steel Knife - Professional Kitchen Knife with 67 Layers and ... Navaris Damascus Steel Knife – Professional Kitchen Knife with 67 Layers and … No reviews
3 XINZUO Kitchen Knife Set 5 Pieces Japanese Damascus 67 Layers Professional Knife ... XINZUO Kitchen Knife Set 5 Pieces Japanese Damascus 67 Layers Professional Knife … No reviews
4 Anhichef Kitchen Knife Set, Professional Damascus Kitchen Knives 20cm + ... Anhichef Kitchen Knife Set, Professional Damascus Kitchen Knives 20cm + …
5 SHAN ZU Damascus Kitchen Knife 20m, Professional Chef's Knife Damascus Steel ... SHAN ZU Damascus Kitchen Knife 20m, Professional Chef’s Knife Damascus Steel ... No reviews
6 Damascus 8 '' Chef's Knife, Professional Grade, 67 Layer, VG-10, Stainless Steel ... Damascus 8 ” Chef’s Knife, Professional Grade, 67 Layer, VG-10, Stainless Steel …

Characteristics of Damascus knives

Knives made with Damascus steel blades are among the best that exist, since they are endow with the properties that this mixture of steel gives them:

  1. Its edges have a long life , it is said that they are eternal.
  2. Its blades are hard and at the same time flexible. 
  3. They are capable of absorbing impacts.
  4. These knives are of high quality due to the materials with which they are made.
  5. They have a much higher cutting power than knives made of other materials.
  6. Some knives are made in an industrial way, but the most striking are those that are forge by hand. E hese knives come to be an incredible pieces that any chef and cooking enthusiast will appreciate greatly.

What to consider before buying a Damascus knife

If you want to buy a Damascus steel knife, you should look at the following aspects so that your choice meets your expectations:


We must look at both the actual size of the blade and the dimensions of the blade , generally the blades of these knives range between 1.5 mm and 2 mm in diameter. Choose according to your tastes, but keep in mind that the thicker the blade, the stronger it will be.

Steel curves

As we already know, Damascus steel knives are form by joining two or more types of forge steel to the standard of the blades, this is the mark of the steel layers mixe during the process. The more bends the steel uses in the knife blade, the longer the forging process. The number of layers in a knife blade can vary, and the more folds, the rarer and more valuable the knife will be.

Types of mangoes

Damascus knives can have handles made of various materials, such as different steels, wood, bamboo, stones, among others. We advise you to fix the handle very well, select a model with a good grip, which is comfortable and ergonomic for you.

There are handles of different shapes, there are some that are embed with precious stones, others are adorn with gold or silver, these models are perfect if you want to have them as collectible pieces, and the more decorative elements they have, the more expensive they will be.

Damascus knives are true jewels that if we can acquire they will be a great investment , of which we will never regret, we hope that some of the recommendations that we present will fit, both to your tastes and to your budget.

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