Adopt these Fantastic Ideas for Custom Cosmetic Boxes

The cosmetic boxes trend is rising high and high, the annual turnover of cosmetics tends to raise to USD 36.15 million by 2027. Along with this scenario, custom cosmetic boxes usage has also rapidly increased. The brands are continuously buying custom boxes to showcase their products uniquely.

If you want to showcase your brand differently, then create alluring themes and draw out artistic ideas for your products to catch the all limelight from the onlookers while exhibited in the market.

Below listed are some of the ravishing ideas which you can adopt to have outclassed boxes:

Two-Tone Box Packaging

You can structure your box by adding the tuck end style. Moreover, go for adding the two-tone color on the box to depict an artistic box. The two tones can be of any color. You can select the neutral colors for the cosmetic box packaging, as it is the best match.

Highlight Your Logo through Foiling

You can always think of an artistic style for your skincare or makeup packaging. For instance, if you are offering the skincare range for the aging issue then design a nice logo that is the aging range specific. If you are offering natural and chemical derivatives formulation then draw a logo showing both aspects. You can sketch out a leaf and at the half side of this leaf add the chemical diagrams. And finish this logo in spot UV with embossing touch. Hence, it will look wonderful.

Add Captions

The addition of the captions is a great idea. For instance, for the aging cream, you can add the caption “Age Revival Magical Cream” on the custom cosmetic box. By reading these kinds of captions the customers will get quickly attracted to your boxes.

Describe Ingredients

The ingredients imprinting creates a huge impact on the onlookers. As onlookers and your customers only give a few seconds towards buying or passing the ideas of purchasing your product. So, as you have a few seconds to market your product so add the major ingredients at the front side of the box.

For example, for your anti-aging cream, you can add the major ingredients like that your cream comprises of minerals, amino acids, omega 3, omega 6, and fatty acids. Just add these ingredients below the caption.

You can further illustrate the ingredients of your cosmetic packaging boxes on one side of the box. For instance, you can describe the ingredients with the help of infographics. If you are showing the amino acids then create an infographic of the plant and add text below that your product carries amino acid derived from the silver birch leaf.

Add the logo of green packaging

Do convey to your customers that you are offering green boxes and your packaging doesn’t harm the environment at all.

For instance, you can add the logo showing that you are offering greener packs and if you are offering a cream jar made up of glass. Then write: “ This jar is made with recycled glass”

Specifying the Origin of your Product is Must

Nowadays, people consciously read the “origin of the product “content before buying the product. So, if you are customizing your custom cosmetic boxes then do mention that whether your cosmetics are “made in the USA” or from other countries. Just never skip this information. Because this information shows the authenticity of the product.

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