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Create A More Interactive Knowledge

Create A More Interactive Knowledge

Gaining public attention is half the battle in creating effective social media Interactive posts. Make sure your social media Interactive posts create the right engagement that best suits your business goals. Increase the engagement of your regular Interactive posts with these five ways to make your post more interactive.

1.) Include calls to action

One of the most important elements to include in your Interactive posts if you want users to take action and interact with your content is a call to action! A call to action encourages users to stick with your message, but first you need to tell them what to do. Start by asking:

What should they do?

Should they click?


Continue reading?

Once you figure out what to expect from your users, be sure to add targeted language to your Interactive posts to encourage them to do just that.

2.) Don’t forget clickable links!

Transitional links go hand in hand with your call to action. When asking users to do something related to clicking on a link, be sure to include the link! When posting to Facebook. Be sure to use Facebook linked Interactive posts instead of including the link in your signature only. It makes the message cooler. It’s the same with Twitter; Use Twitter cards instead of linking to your tweet. If you’ve never used one before, don’t worry – follow this guide to learn how to use Twitter cards.

If you want your call to action posted on Instagram, add a link to your bio or scroll to your story.

3.) Include hashtags (but not too many!)

We encourage organizations to create branded hashtags. Use this hashtag to connect users with custom content related to your brand. Make sure this hashtag is consistently used in your social media Interactive posts. Incorporate this hashtag into your social media and Interactive posts. And encourage users to use it in their Interactive posts too!

Each social media platform differs in the number of hashtags used. We offer;

Twitter: 1-3 per tweet

Facebook: 1-2 per post

Instagram: 10-12 per post

4.) Use location tags

Location tags are especially important for targeted marketing organizations. If a potential visitor sees your post on Facebook or Instagram and is automatically interested in what you post They are more likely to want to know where to find it when they visit. Adding a location tag is an easy way to tell your visitors where to look for things.

5.) The peculiarity of crying us

While your post title is important to engaging customers. It’s also important to include compelling images or videos to grab their attention. Messages containing images or videos perform better on average than texts containing no images or videos. Check out this guide to make sure you are posting images and videos at the correct size.

When you write your next social media Interactive post, keep these quick tips in mind to keep your audience active and engaged with your Interactive posts. Sign up to our email newsletter for more tips and tricks on mastering the latest digital marketing trends!

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