Correct Ways to Store Crystal Jewellery

Crystals are some of the most cherished possessions by people who believe in their energies. They are supposed to emit positive energies and even balance out any negativity in the air. Some people even invest in beautifully crafted Crystal Jewellery to adorn themselves, like necklaces, rings, etc. 

While possessing one can be easy, maintenance and organisation require a certain level of dedication. Informed crystal storing will ensure that the potency and healing abilities of the crystal remain unchanged. As an Aussie, you are in luck because Australia is home to many crystals like Australian opal, quartz, Prehnite, etc.

If you are worried about the proper storage of Crystal Jewellery, read along to learn the best ways to keep them in their prime condition. 

How to Store Crystal Jewellery?

Crystal storing and maintenance doesn’t mean locking them up in a box like other jewellery pieces. They won’t tarnish like silver or copper (be mindful of the chain or ring material). The only thing that concerns crystals the most are various environmental conditions such as sunlight or humidity. 

For example – Amethystcarnelian, etc., fade in sunlight.

1. Do the scratch test

If the crystal scratches easily upon nail scratching, it’s a fragile crystal. If it doesn’t, it’s comparatively hard. Hence, store the delicate crystals separately (individually). However, you can keep the hard crystals together since there will be hardly any damage.

  • Crystals like Diamonds, Sapphires and Rubies are beautiful. These gems need ample breathing space and must be kept away from other fragile crystals, as they can lead to scratches.
  • Moderately durable or delicate gems like amethyst do not scratch easily but may undergo some abrasion upon exposure to excessive friction. These are daily worn pieces of jewellery, and storing them individually is safer.

2. Store in fabric pouches

If you bought particularly fragile and expensive crystal jewellery, store it in fabric pouches. The soft fabric allows the crystal to rest without the danger of scratches and chipping. You can buy small cotton, linen or satin pouches from a nearby store or online retailer.

Such fabrics are soft and gentle on the crystal because they act like a nurturing closet to the crystals. Avoid synthetic fabrics because they have undergone multiple levels of manufacturing which might affect the crystal’s energy.

3. Invest in a crystal storage box

Storage boxes come in various shapes and sizes to store crystal jewellery. You can also buy organisers with dividers for cataloguing and easy accessibility. If antiqueness and royalty tickle your fancy, you can buy classic and vintage jewellery boxes to store your possessions.

When buying old statement boxes, clean the box thoroughly before placing the crystals inside.

4. Place them on a jewellery holder or showpiece

Some crystals do not react to any atmospheric conditions. Some even thrive under sunlight and can emit positive and healing energies. However, there should be a focus on a clutter-free space because crystals can absorb the energies of other objects around them. 

It can obstruct your energy when you put the jewellery on. Hence, installing a shelf dedicated only to crystal jewellery in a clean and clutter-free corner of your room is ideal. Spaces near windows and green plants make a good choice. 

Bottom Line

Owning unique and precious crystal jewellery comes with the responsibility of maintaining them. Proper storage practices ensure their shine and healing properties. Hence, you need to treat them with care and attention. 

Protect them from harsh chemicals, and you can also get professional cleaning once a year. Practice these storage tips for forever sparkling and jewellery for the longest time.

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