Complete Guide For Norton Antivirus Errors

Norton antivirus is a top security program that offers advanced tools for security. You can use the Norton antivirus on PC, Mac, and phone devices, etc. The tools of the Norton program can protect your system from malware and online threats. But there are some errors that you may face while running Norton antivirus.

Common errors in Norton antivirus

  1. Norton antivirus is not scanning
  2. Norton antivirus error code 104
  3. The dashboard of Norton antivirus is not opening 
  4. Unable to access Norton tools
  5. Norton antivirus error code 8504

Troubleshooting Norton antivirus errors

Restart the device

When the Norton antivirus is showing errors in scanning then try restarting the system. Your antivirus may show issues when it gets into some runtime error. These runtime errors can be resolved easily by restarting the device. Close Norton and all other running apps on the device. Restart the computer and now open your Norton antivirus. Tap on the Scan button and tap on the Full Scan option. It will remove all threats from the PC.

Check Norton subscription

If you are unable to access any tools of Norton antivirus then check for its subscription. If the Norton subscription has expired then you have to renew it. Open Norton’s dashboard and click on the subscription tab. You will see a Renew button next to Expired status. Click on Renew button and get a renewal plan for your Norton. To prevent Norton expiry; you can enable the auto-renewal. But when you are not using Norton antivirus then cancel Norton subscription to disable the auto-renewal feature.

Check the Norton registry files

Your Norton antivirus dashboard will not open if the Norton registry files are missing or not working. Without these files, Norton’s antivirus can’t find the correct path. You can repair the registry files and then use the Norton antivirus. But edit any registry file if you know the steps. Use the Regedit command to open your registry editor and now search for the Norton-related files. Choose the Norton-related files and create their backup. Now repair the registry files and then check the error. If you can’t repair the Norton registry files; ask for professional help.

Norton antivirus error code 104

Error code 104 appears on your Norton program when the setup is conflicting with other programs. Few users reported that error 104 is appearing when they are accessing a certain application. The application is conflicting with your Norton program. You have to remove the conflicting program. Mostly, third-party apps conflict with security applications. Uninstall the application and then you can run your Norton setup reliably on the device.

Undo recent changes

If your Norton setup is showing some error after making changes on PC then undo them. Sometimes the user makes invalid changes on the PC’s security tab which restricts the Norton antivirus. To run the antivirus, you have to undo those changes. Again open the security tab and revert the changes. If you forget those changes then try running the restore tool. This tool will undo the recent changes on the device. Enter the correct restoring point and click on the restore button. After restoring the security settings, you can easily run your Norton antivirus.

Update your Norton antivirus and OS

If you are facing Norton antivirus 8504 then check for a new update immediately. The 8504 error mainly appears when Norton is detecting malware but can’t find it on Norton’s malware chart. This occurs when the setup is outdated. You have to install the latest update of your Norton program. The Norton’s Live Update feature updates the Norton setup automatically. But when the LiveUpdate is not working then you can update it manually. Go to Apps, click on Norton, and hit the update button. Also, check for new OS updates. After updating the Norton setup, check for Norton error 8504.

Remove junk from PC

Norton shows scanning errors when the system has lots of junk files. These files don’t seem malicious but can harm the system. Antivirus can’t detect whether these files are starting showing the error. You can manually remove temp files and other junk using the clean tool of Windows. Users can also run the junk cleaner tool of Norton to remove those files immediately. After cleaning the junk, your Norton antivirus will run reliably. 

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