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Even before the COVID-19 outbreak, diners have always been picky about restaurant Commercial Cleaning St Albans. They’ll not consider eating at a restaurant if they read or hear negative opinions regarding its inadequate sanitation and hygiene. Furthermore, several rules govern food-related industries. The Food Act of 2014 and the Health and Safety at Work Act of 2015 are two examples. If you don’t meet the rules, you’ll either be unable to operate a restaurant in the first place or face the consequences.

A short, maintaining a high level of cleanliness in your restaurant, bar, or cafe should be a top concern for you. Working with a reputable commercial cleaning company St Albans specializing in restaurants and similar companies, is a simple way. When the cleaning crew isn’t on duty, you and your team must keep up with smaller daily jobs like sweeping and mopping, keeping the restroom clean, and so on. As a result, you’ll need to invest in high-quality equipment that will get the job done correctly. Here are some must-haves for your shopping list:

Commercial Cleaning St Albans

Hand sanitizers are not cleaning supplies, at least not in the traditional sense. They are, nonetheless, unquestionably necessary anymore. They’re useful for rapid hand clean-ups after handling items like money and other fomites (objects that can carry infection). Make sure the product contains at least sixty percent alcohol.

Hand sanitizers should be placed at strategic locations, including one near the door. A bottle should be kept at the cash register, in the kitchen, and near the cutlery cabinet.

Of course, the best technique to get rid of germs on one’s hands is to wash them properly. When hand-washing isn’t an option, it’s still a good idea to have a “back-up.” When customers see that hand sanitizers are ready for use, it might increase their trust in a restaurant.


Commercial Cleaning St Albans to remove heavy oil and stains are among the items that must be handled to keep a restaurant in tip-top form. Cleaning chemicals such as window sprays, toilet cleaners, and other cleaning agents are also required to deal with various dirt on various surfaces or materials. It’s best to wear gloves when using high-strength cleaning products to keep your hands from being inflamed. Because they are versatile, reusable, and waterproof, thick PVC gloves that stretch to the elbows are your best bet. All the better if you can find one with a non-slip grip on the fingers and palms. Keep at least three sets on hand at all times, and clean them after each use.

Cleaning Cloths Of Superior Quality

Cleaning clothes are a must-have in any restaurant. They’re great for cleaning everything from greasy oven doors to tables with food stains and beverage spills. Microfiber cloths are particularly handy since they can be used dry or wet, depending on the task at hand. You may also use it as a hand towel if it’s clean. In any restaurant, having a supply of cleaning clothes on hand is a smart idea. Because they don’t spoil, you can buy packs of 20 or even 50 clothes at a time. Wash them well to extend their life. To protect the absorbency of microfiber, this involves not using fabric softeners or bleach.

Commercial Cleaning st albans


Hand sanitizers are to hand-washing what cleaning wipes are to heavy-duty cloths. They’re perfect for rapid clean-ups, especially tables and other items that need disinfection, such as condiment bottles. Speaking of disinfecting wipes, it’s best if you can discover some that can clean and disinfect at the same time. Make sure to properly dispose of cleaning wipes once you’ve finished using them. Put them in the trash with other sanitary materials. You should never flush cleaning wipes into the toilet.

A Dustpan With A Broom

Restaurant floors are often unclean. There’s always something that needs sweeping, whether it’s dirt tracked in from outside or an overly exuberant toddler smashing a drinking glass. That’s why you’ll need a dependable broom to get the job done. Choose one with bristles that can be used on any type of floor, including tile, hardwood, vinyl, and concrete. Angled brooms with long handles can also assist you in reaching corners that are difficult to reach. Combine your broom with a large-capacity dustpan with a flat-on-the-floor lip—this aids in the more efficient gathering of debris.

A Great Mop

You’ll need a sturdy mop to clean up damp stains and spills. A microfiber mop, like cleaning cloths, is a wonderful alternative because it can be used wet or dry. Hair and other fine particles that escaped your broom can also be picked up using microfiber mops.

If you need to wet-mop your floors:

  1. Use overlapping back and forth strokes to avoid missing any spots.
  2. If you’re using detergent, repeat the process, with the second pass functioning as the rinse step.
  3. If required, repeat the process a third time to remove all detergent traces and avoid markings and streaks formed by water that has been left to dry on its own.

With all of this valuable equipment on hand, as well as the necessary detergents and bleach, you can maintain your restaurant clean and sanitary, which is just what you need to attract more clients.

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