Types of Window Colour Markers

How to use window colour markers to complete the festive craft. Window paint markers can create subtleties on the glass and great fun pencil drawing designs! You can easily use these decors to draw festive Christmas themes, scary Halloween pictures, or add a few patterns to light up a window.

Window pen drawings are often seen in shop windows and cafes, but you can use them for exciting designs around your home. You can freehand draw your plans or use stencils to decorate your window. It doesn’t have to be complicated to do your beautiful window art, and it’s a great activity to try out with the kids this Christmas too.

What type of attributes can you employ on Windows?

Window artists often use white chalk markers to produce their designs because they are easier to see and have a fresh and modern look. However, you can get window paint markers in a variety of colours. You can also use acrylic markers like Posca pens to draw on the glass.

You’re probably wondering: do markers wash off windows? Yes, they do! We should easily remove pen marks on the window with water and a damp cloth to remove the window graphics. If you’re struggling to remove the stains, mix a little bit of dish soap into the water, which will help remove any residue.

If you don’t touch your finished drawing, it should stay on the glass for a long time.

How to use window colour markers

First, think about your design and the need to mount your window. It can be helpful to sketch out some ideas on a piece of paper before you start creating a template.

Since window paint markers are water-soluble, I have to use them around the house so that rain doesn’t wash them off. Remember that you are drawing inside the window and vice versa on the other side. If you want to write a message on your window, be sure to report it!

Before you start drawing, you may need to clean your windows, especially if you have children who tend to touch the glass. If you have young children, drag yours up to your window so they can’t reach you.

Shake the window pen before you start running the ink. You may have to press it down on a piece of paper a few times to get the ink out.

If you are an artist, you will draw your projects directly on the window, but it is also possible to use models for more complicated projects or if you want to add words to your design. You can attach your model to the outside of the window with low-adhesive tape such as washi tape. When you’re happy with the placement, draw the lines with the window markers.

Types of Markers

Posca pens

Posca pens exist as one of the multiple famous trademarks of window artists. They add matte lines to make your designs stand out, are easy to clean, and come in various bright colours. There is also a pastel range if you add more muted colours to your designs. We recommend starting with a multicoloured package so you can draw whatever you want. However, if you are only buying a pen, we recommend using a white Posca marker for best results. If you’ve stood utilising it for a lengthy time, you may need to shake it from time to time or press the tip onto some paper to let the ink run to the information for window colour. The grade of the Posca pen trademark is superb, and you will not be disappointed!

colour markers

Uni-Ball liquid chalk marker

Liquid chalk markers are also fantastic when you want to paint on glass. They create a pronounced pattern and are easy to clean or correct if you get something wrong. With this Uni-Ball-Set, you can paint on glass (also on boards, mirrors, plastic and metal, if you want!). We love the vibrant range of colours in this set and can create colourful window designs. These window colour markers have 2mm tips, so any drawing on your window should stand out. Shake the pens well before use to ensure the ink flows when you start drawing.

colour markers 2

Chalkola white chalk markers

Not a fan of colour? Please keep it simple by glueing it on white for a fresh finish. These white chalk attributes from Chalkola stand outstanding. They have 6mm comprehensive tips and make chunky designs satisfactorily. They dry quickly, leave no stains and are easy to clean if you remove them. They work well on glass and can be used on other surfaces, too, including whiteboards and mirrors, so you’re sure to find other uses for these markers.

colour markers 3

Arteza metal marker

Bring a little sparkle to your windows for Christmas with these fabulous metal window pins from Arteza. These beautifully shimmering colours bring your window pictures to life! Colours include red, gold, and silver. If you want to clean them from the window, use some soap or liquid detergent and a little warm water to remove the design.

colour markers 4

Molotow One4All metallic marker

Are you looking for more sparkling colours to create festive designs? We love this set of sparkly metallic Molotov pens. The markers are highly opaque and have a satin finish so that they will look stunning on your windows this Christmas. Unlike other titles on the market, Molotov pens are refillable!

colour markers 5

Posca mono marker

Keep your projects simple with this set of four wide-tipped window markers from Posca. This set includes white, black, silver and gold pens that you can use to create brilliant works of art. These markers make dull and vibrant colours. These pens are very versatile, so that you can use them for many other projects as well.

colour markers 6

Liquid chalk marker palette

If you are new to window graphics, you should probably stock up on a good set of chalk markers. This Liquid Chalk Palette Set contains 30 bright colours to inspire your creativity. The chisel-shaped tips of these markers make them ideal for drawing fine details or filling in larger areas of colour. They can wipe off these markers with a damp cloth if they are mixed up.

colour markers 7

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