Classic Slot Games That Defined the Industry

Slot games have evolved significantly over the years, with advancements in technology and game design. However, there are certain classic slot games that have stood the test of time and left an indelible mark on the industry. 

In this blog, we’ll explore some of these iconic slot games that have defined the casino landscape, captivating players with their simplicity, charm, and enduring appeal.

1. Liberty Bell

No discussion about classic RTP live games would be complete without mentioning the Liberty Bell. Invented by Charles Fey in 1895, the Liberty Bell is widely regarded as the first true slot machine. Featuring three reels and a handful of symbols including the Liberty Bell, horseshoes, and playing card suits, this game set the foundation for the slot machines we know today. 

Its popularity paved the way for the widespread acceptance of slot games and their eventual transition into the digital realm.

2. Megabucks

Introduced in the late 1980s, Megabucks revolutionized the industry with its progressive jackpot system. Developed by International Game Technology (IGT), Megabucks offered players the chance to win life-changing sums of money with a single spin. The game quickly gained popularity and became synonymous with massive jackpots. 

It set the stage for the progressive jackpot phenomenon, inspiring the creation of many other progressive slot games that continue to enthrall players to this day.

3. Wheel of Fortune

Based on the immensely popular TV game show, the Wheel of Fortune slot game took the industry by storm when it was introduced in the 1990s. Developed by IGT, this game incorporated the iconic wheel from the TV show, along with familiar symbols and a bonus round that closely resembled the show’s gameplay. 

The Wheel of Fortune slot game became a sensation, attracting a wide audience and solidifying the link between pop culture and slot machines.

4. Cleopatra

Inspired by ancient Egypt and the legendary queen herself, Cleopatra is a slot game that has achieved legendary status. Created by IGT, this game captivated players with its immersive theme, stunning graphics, and rewarding bonus features. Cleopatra’s popularity can be attributed to its unique gameplay mechanics, including free spins with a multiplier, and the potential for significant wins.

Its success spawned numerous sequels and spin-offs, further solidifying its place as one of the most iconic slot games in history.

5. Mega Moolah

Introduced by Microgaming, Mega Moolah is renowned for its jaw-dropping progressive jackpot payouts. This African safari-themed RTP live slot game offers players the opportunity to win one of four progressive jackpots: Mini, Minor, Major, and the coveted Mega jackpot, which has paid out multimillion-dollar prizes on several occasions. 

Mega Moolah’s massive jackpots and the excitement surrounding its potential wins have made it a favorite among players worldwide.

6. Starburst

In recent years, NetEnt’s Starburst has emerged as a modern classic in the world of online slots. Known for its vibrant colors, dazzling gems, and simple yet addictive gameplay, Starburst has captivated a new generation of players. 

With its expanding wilds and re-spins feature, the game offers frequent small wins and a visually stunning experience. Starburst’s influence is evident in the rise of similar games with arcade-style mechanics and eye-catching visuals.


These classic slot games have left an indelible mark on the industry, shaping the way we perceive and enjoy slot games today. From the simplicity of the Liberty Bell to the progressive jackpots of Megabucks and the immersive themes of Cleopatra and Starburst, these games have captured the hearts of players across generations. As the industry continues to evolve, it’s important to recognize and appreciate the timeless appeal of these classic slot games that have defined the landscape of casino gaming.

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