Get the Best CA Intermediate Result with VSI’s Sure Success Batch

The CA Intermediate course is the second stage of Chartered Accountancy and is also tougher than the previous exam. This more challenging stage requires more hard work and better guidance. Students who want a good CA Intermediate result and clear this exam in a single attempt will need coaching. For this very purpose, we’ve selected the best institute for CA Intermediate classes and that is VSI Jaipur.

VSI Jaipur institute has a special batch named Sure Success Batch that has given fabulous CA Intermediate results in the past as well. VSI Jaipur has secured seven AIR-1 in the last ten years, including the 5 AIR-1 in the CA Intermediate and IPCC level. This proves the significance of VSI Jaipur and its amazing pass percentage.

7 VSI students who got AIR 1 in the last 10 years of CA results

Talking about the CA Intermediate Result of Nov 2020, 4 students get All India rank under 50. Moreover, in the CA Intermediate result of Jan 2021, VSI student Girish Aswani got AIR 1. Now, before moving on to know about the Sure Success Batch, you need to know the hurdles that you’ll face in getting the best ICAI CA Inter result.

Hurdles in getting a good CA Intermediate Result

The students preparing for CA intermediate Exam face many difficulties during their preparation phase. These difficulties lead to failure in the exam many times or not achieving the CA Intermediate exam result. So, first, let us know the major problems faced by students.

  • Improper Planning: The first problem that each student has faced is inappropriate planning for completing the course and revisions. Students generally divide the subjects impractically and do not give enough time to each subject for preparation. This ultimately results in an important or major portion of the syllabus being left.
  • Selection of Wrong Study Materials: Unnecessarily collecting a big heap of the study materials considering everything necessary is the major mistake. This not only makes the students confused but also tense. This is a very common problem that can lead to a low CA Intermediate result.
  • Poor answer Writing Skills: There are many students who are not happy with their CA Inter result, as they have prepared very well. Sometimes, the issue arises in the way you’re writing your answers or managing time in the exams. Lack of practice and not solving mock test papers is another problem. This adversely affects the marks obtained by the students.
  • Lack of Guidance: Lack of guidance is the most common problem among students. Even in many cases, students try to seek guidance from their batchmates appearing for the exam which is the wrong approach. Instead of guiding you, they can probably let you confused and more scared of the exam.

So, these are some of the hurdles that are stopping you from obtaining the CA Inter result. Now, let us see how the VSI Sure Success Batch helps students get the best result.

How VSI Sure Success Batch helps in getting the Best CA Intermediate Result?

Now, let us verify why VSI is the most suitable institute for CA Intermediate preparation. Also, how it helps the students to overcome these hurdles.

CA Intermediate result of Nov 2020/ Jan 2021

Completes the Course on Time

The prime goal of the VSI Sure Success batch is to complete the syllabus on time without disrupting the quality of learning and understanding. The classes conducted at VSI by the expert faculties are exam-oriented. Moreover, to complete the course on time VSI institute uses ABC analysis. The short topics with high weightage are covered first to prepare more for exams. In this way, students’ course gets completed on time with revisions and solving papers that in turn helps in getting the desired CA Intermediate result.

Provides High-Quality Study Materials

VSI provides high-quality study materials to the students. These are made with reference to the ICAI module and previous year’s questions. VSI also provides question banks and compilers that compile all the types of questions asked in exams. The VSI study materials are easy to understand and learn and made in straightforward language. It also consists of the solutions to the answers and how to present them. You can also get the ideas of important keywords from study materials.

Frequent Mock Tests are Conducted

In the interview with many CA Intermediate result toppers, practicing with mock tests is given importance and high credits as well. Mock tests help students understand the pattern, types of questions, answer writing ways, and time management. This is why VSI conducts frequent mock tests. The questions of the mock tests are set well without missing out on any topics. VSI also refers to the ICAI previous year questions, exam patterns, and syllabus to set the question for the mock paper. This gives the students confidence to attend the exam.

Personalized Guidance to each student is given.

The credit of the high CA Intermediate result 2021 pass percentage is also goes to the personalized guidance provided to the students. Every student of the VSI Sure Success Batch receives personalized guidance from the teachers. It helps the students analyze the flaws and strong points in their preparation and accordingly prepare for it. Based on the mock test results, the students are divided into 50 groups as per their knowledge and ability. Then the teachers guide each student accordingly and direct them to follow a proper study plan.

These are the main features of the VSI Jaipur Sure Success Batch that help in getting the best CA Intermediate Result.

How to Join VSI Jaipur?

VSI Jaipur has mainly two straightforward methods for registration. The students can opt for any of the methods at their convenience.

The first method is offline registration. In the offline process, students must visit the VSI Jaipur or other centres and ask for the registration form in the administration. Students can also get the printout of the form from the website of VSI. After getting the form, fill out all the personal information and attach your picture. Submit the form along with the photocopy of the required documents. Make the fee payment and confirm your registration.

The second method is through online mode. In this, you need to visit the official website of VSI. When you go into the VSI CA Intermediate section, you will find a Register Now icon. Click on the icon, and you will be redirected to the registration page. Fill in the information and attach the scanned copy of the documents, or you can send via post as well. After that, submit the fee and complete the registration process.


Therefore, VSI Jaipur’s Sure Success Batch for CA Intermediate Exam ensures the students’ success in the CA Intermediate Result. For the same reason, the institute has planned proper classes with the best faculties and all other requirements of students. The students are taught here and are also trained with maximum questions and mock tests that prepare them the best. After attending the Sure Success batch of CA Intermediate, the candidates are in all the ways ready to appear in the exam. So, you can join VSI Jaipur as soon as possible so, that you do not miss out on your chance of success.

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