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Are you looking for cleaning help in Aarhus or elsewhere in Denmark? At jacobsens-rengøring.dk, we perform private cleaning assistance for private individuals and housing associations at competitive prices. It can either be in the form of daily cleaning, or it can be in connection with craftsmen.

If you choose an hourly cleaning appointment, simply let us know how many hours you want the cleaning company to work. This type of agreement is more time-consuming as it is more in-depth. However, it also means that you can prioritize which tasks the cleaning company Rengøringsfirma should take care of according to your own plan. This plan, unlike chord cleaning, may be different from time to time and may also include regular vacuuming or the like.

We also offer private head cleaning where we go in-depth. It can be traditional head cleaning in the spring and fall, but it can also be when you think extra cleaning is need. It can e.g. be before a major party, or it may be after a craftsman visit. In addition, we perform the main cleaning in eviction apartments for housing associations and so on.

We have many years of experience with all types of cleaning assistance. We have both legs on the ground and meet our customers at eye level. Currently have five employees, all of whom emphasize quality, efficiency, and thoroughness. You can order us to come on any of the seven days of the week to suit your wishes and needs.

How to choose the right company for your cleaning


It can seem very borderline to lock another person into your home while you are not at home or when you are away from your business after closing time. It is always a good idea to be present during the first cleaning – not to monitor, but to give both you and your cleaning assistant a clear idea of ​​what your agreement contains. It’s also a way to get to know each other a little, so it’s not a complete stranger who’s in your home or business when you’re away.

When you obtain up to three offers from Copenhagen. You have the opportunity to agree further. When our professional partners have given an answer to your task. It is a good idea to arrange a meeting with them. Where you partly go through the various tasks that are desire to be solve. But at the same time also notice if there is chemistry between the cleaning company Rengøringsfirma and yourself.

Next, it must be clear from the agreement who will handle the clean-up in advance. If you manage the clean-up yourself. It is easier for the cleaning help to get to and they can get start faster. You therefore for a cheaper cleaning. Conversely, it is not certain that there is always time. Or surplus to clean up an entire home, so there needs to be clarity on what to do if that is the case.

It is important to be realistic when it comes to time consumption. It is unrealistic to be able to do a major house major cleanup in two hours. Here we recommend that you use the experience of the cleaning Rengøringshjælp assistants so that you get the most accurate time estimate. That way the cleaning help has time to clean everything with the agreed thoroughness.

The last thing that should be include in an agreement is what should happen if all the agree tasks are not solve, or what happens if the cleaning help is prevent. That way, you can build a better relationship with your professional cleaning assistant – and thereby get a better cleaning.

Cleaning is more important than you might think


Poor cleaning leads to a bad indoor climate. A bad indoor climate can cause headaches. Irritation of the eyes and respiratory tract. And if it is dusty, you can develop various allergies. Therefore, a good indoor climate is a good foundation for a good and healthy lifestyle. But we are also aware that there are other priorities in a household. But it should be a high-priority task in the workplace.


Through good cleaning Rengøring, the company ensures the best conditions for its employees, and you can actually reduce the disease frequency. It also provides higher concentration and thus more efficient employees. Most cleaning companies today use environmentally friendly and allergy-friendly cleaning products, but this is not a legal requirement. Therefore, pay attention to which products are use for cleaning.

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