An Ultimate Guide About Laptop for Quickbooks

Laptop for Quickbooks

Quickbooks is a great online accounting software for businesses. It helps users manage their finances and monitor their business transactions. This program is meant to help companies maintain track of everything that happens with the company’s money. With this software, users will also be able to keep tabs on how much profit or loss they made in that period.

It design so it can adapt to its user’s needs and preferences which makes QuickBooks very flexible and customizable. Because of this, more and more people are using it as an alternative to manual accounting or spreadsheet programs like Excel. For many years, QuickBooks has proven to be a reliable tool for businesses big and small across America!

As convenient as this may sound, you might find yourself facing some technical issues when you use QuickBooks that your computer or laptop can’t handle. You need a powerful device to be able to run the software properly and maintain its features. Laptop for running quickbooks is definitely a must have item if you want to make sure that your accounts are safe!

You need a machine which packs enough power so it can open several windows without having them closed immediately by the system due to lack of resources. This will help you multi-task and perform different tasks at the same time without experiencing any delays as you update files, type reports, send emails, etc.

Quickbooks Online vs Quickbooks Desktop

If you are considering buying a laptop for Quickbooks, you have to decide whether you want to purchase quickbooks online or quickbooks desktop. There are many advantages when using the online version of the software.

You can use it on any device which has access to the internet. You only need to create an account with Intuit and subscribe to their service. So, You will receive updates automatically so your data is always protect and backed up every time there is a new release of the program. This kind of flexibility makes it easy for people who travel frequently or do business all over the country/world!

The biggest advantage of using this type of software is that you don’t have to install anything on your computer – everything goes through the cloud!

Whereas Quickbooks Desktop is installed on your computer and is associated with that system. You won’t be able to access the program unless you are at that location or you have access to the computer.

This will definitely prevent any security issues but it’s not very convenient if you need to use your laptop for quickbooks on another device, like a tablet or smartphone.

If you need some features which are only available in desktop version, like inventory management or multiple users (for example, if you want other members of your team to see the same data), then go for Quickbooks Desktop. Otherwise, considering all its advantages we advise purchasing Quickbooks Online!

Steps Before Buying a Laptop for Quickbooks

Now that you are already familiar with the two major differences between Quickbooks online and desktop, it’s time to get specific about how to select a laptop for quickbooks. You need to make sure you get the best machine which will support the features of this accounting software. There are some important factors you have to consider before buying your laptop for Quickbooks:

Processor: You need a high performing processor to make sure you will not experience any difficulties when running the software. When you start multi-tasking and opening several windows at once, your computer can become overwhelmed. Which will cause slowdowns in performance. This is why it’s important to invest in a laptop with advanced central processing unit (CPU) so it can manage multiple data requests!

RAM: Your machine needs to have enough RAM memory to run Quickbooks properly. The more employees you add or services your company offers. The higher the risk of experiencing some small technical problems with this software is. Your system might shut down unexpectedly because of lack of available ram so we recommend choosing a laptop with 8Gb or above.

Storage Space: Make sure to select a laptop with enough storage space for Quickbooks. All your other files. A minimum of 128GB will suffice but we recommend going with 256. More if you have a lot of things stored on the machine already.

Battery Life: Running Quickbooks needs a lot of battery power so it’s recommended purchasing a good quality machine. Which ensures longevity of a charge! Select a laptop which has at least 4-5 hours average battery life. So, you can work from anywhere without being tied to an outlet.

Portability:  Make sure you select a model which is lightweight and easy to carry around. You will probably move from one location to another during the day. So, having a laptop which is not heavy and doesn’t require much storage space. It will benefit your work and help you stay productive!

Touchscreen Laptop: Are they worth it?

A touchscreen laptop is a relatively new addition to the laptop family. And they get great reviews from customers, however it’s not right for everyone. If you get easily distracted then you should avoid using this type of computer. Because it will lead to decreased productivity. And higher probability of errors. On the other hand, if you are somebody who enjoys multi-tasking. So, and switching between windows every minute or two, this machine can make your life much easier!


You can use Quickbooks for both your personal and business needs, however make sure you purchase a laptop which is capable of running this program flawlessly! There are many models on the market today offering great performance at a great price. We recommend choosing a touch-screen laptop because it’s easy to operate. And will allow you to switch between windows faster than standard laptops with keyboard and mouse setup.

Most importantly, keep in mind that buying an expensive machine will not benefit your work. And improve your productivity – just invest wisely in equipment which can stand up to multiple requests without slowing down!

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