An ideal way of planning a birthday party

The birthdays of our special ones tends to make us eager. Most of us are eager for this day to arrive and surprise them by staging a birthday party. One of the effective ways to surprise them is to send a cake but there are other mechanisms where you may surprise them.

  • Cake- when it is a birthday the most important thing to grace the occasion is a cake. Since you are throwing the birthday party make sure that the boy or the girl does not have any clue about it whatsoever. Even if you are aware about the preference of the cake then also you can make it special. Opt for personalized cakes, as they not only look attractive but happens to be the trend in these modern times.
  • A theme for the party- since you happen to be the organizer it is better that you think of a theme for the party. Keep that in mind you have to arrange for the decorations, a dress code is to be kept along with the cake. Also make it a point where the party is going to be a day event or a night event. These things needs to be synchronized properly as otherwise the preparation may look hazard. Obviously no one would be looking to spread this by word of mouth.
  • Guest list- this may not be your birthday party, but it can be of someone else. So the guest list has to be according to the boy or the girl. What it meansĀ  is that there is no need to invite someone whom you do not really like. As part of the guest list people who are close to the boy or the girl should be include. The entire point is to ensure that you have a memorable birthday bash. So do whatever is necessary at your level
  • Food along with drinks- this is the most important thing when you plan a party. Some people only visit a party for free food and drinks. So you could end up inviting a few of them too. But this is something that you may not be able to avoid. Hence make it a point that you avail the services of the best caterers when it comes to the question of food and drinks. Even supervise the menu formulated by the caterers and do not leave everything up to them. Your involvement at each and every stage is necessary.
  • The surprise part- this happens to a vital part of the birthday party. There is no point to give a clue to the birthday boy or girl when it comes to the choice of a cake. There are various stores providing option of cake delivery online. The ordering of the cake has to be complete in such a way so that the person is clueless. Even the planning of the birthday party has to take place in such a way that the other person is caught unawares.


By doing all such things the surprise element in a birthday party remains.

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