Amazing Benefits of Creating a Wikipedia Page

Wikipedia Page is a free encyclopedia that anyone can edit. It’s a non-profit organization, which means there are no ads and can be edited by anybody.

Wikipedia is the largest and most popular general reference website on the internet. With more than 35 million articles in English alone. You can find anything from biographies to recipes to school workload here.

With just two months of content, Jimmy Wales and Larry Sanger created in 2001,. Now it has more than 535 million article pages and is still growing at an exponential rate.

Whether you’re researching an essay, brushing up on basic world geography. Or reading about your favorite TV show, chances are you’ve heard of Wikipedia. But what exactly does it do?

Wikipedia is a free online encyclopedia that uses collaborative editing to produce the highest quality content available online. Anyone can edit any article. If there are two conflicting edits made to the same article, then the other editor will be notified by email and given the opportunity to revert their changes or to discuss the change with the other person before making any further edits. Here, are some other cool things about Wikipedia.

Benefits of Creating a Wikipedia Page

Learning how to be included on Wikipedia is something that can bring business organizations or individuals many benefits. To put it simply, if you can create a Wikipedia page for yourself or for your business organization, then you can benefit from these wikis in an exponential manner. Here are some of the benefits, which a Wikipedia page can bring for you.

· Increases Web Traffic

Wikipedia was created to give people easy access to knowledge. It does this by making it easy to find information.

The site has a huge audience of people who use it to look up info about their favorite celebrities, the Internet, and about what’s going on in the world. One of the highest-traffic times for Wikipedia comes during elections or news events. That’s because people want to get in on the conversation about the election, or they want to check out a web browser, or they’re looking for a funny meme.

If your topic or niche isn’t on Wikipedia, you can make it so by writing an article. Now, if a company has an article on Wikipedia or a page on Wikipedia, then it is highly likely that they can easily drive traffic from their wikis on to their website as well.

· Increases Ranking in Search Engine

Just having a Wikipedia page helps your content gain valuable exposure to search engines.

Your article or page will get an “authoritative” search result link (the “landing page” that provides information and comparisons for queries) with your Wikipedia URL. (This is why you want your article or page to be well-written and relevant.)

Let’s imagine you write an article on the Bachelor franchise. The site will use your page as the authoritative reference for people looking for information on the Bachelor franchise.

· Creates Awareness & Engages Target Audience

The main objective of Wikipedia is to make the public aware of their world through verifiable information, with a focus on the causes of major historical events. If you’re someone who constantly struggles to know about what’s going on in the world, then Wikipedia is a great place to go for all the important information you need. You can also add your own personal accounts and memories.

It’s a place where everybody is welcome. You can write about everything, from science to politics, from science fiction to art. You can write about anything that’s important to you.

It’s also a place where you can engage the audience. You can create a discussion, or write a review about a movie or book you’ve read. You can contribute with information and knowledge.

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