All You Need to Know about Puffer Jackets

Winters are here and one thing that we all are worried about is how we are going to keep ourselves
warm in these extreme weather conditions. In some parts of the world, winters get pretty harsh and
people have to wear layers and layers of clothes to ensure no wind and cold weather is passing through them. Leather jackets for men are the perfect winter wear and can keep any person warm throughout the winter season. Since the weather is getting colder with each passing day, keeping yourself cool is one important aspect of this cold weather.

Whether you just want to keep yourself cozy on your morning commute to your workplace or you just want to be the fashion icon for your peers to see. Or your crush to like you back, a puffer jacket is the perfect garment to wear in the cold winter nights or mornings. However, there are a plethora of things that you must keep in mind to ensure you are getting the right puffer jacket.

While you are choosing your puffer men’s leather jacket you have to make a few choices while doing so. Here is something you should know, not all puffer jackets are made equally and every option that is available currently is designed in a way that can serve a good purpose. However, we all know that a
well-informed purchase decision can only be made if the buyer has an understanding of three main

a) Synthetic or Down – Information of insulation
b) Outer Material

Synthetic or Down?

When it comes to choosing the insulation material, there is one big confusion that engulfs us all
which is to choose which insulation is better for our puffer jacket. Truth to be told, not many of
us know what insulation actually is and how does that matter in the puffer jacket. All the puffer
jackets are filled with two kinds of materials which are either goose down or synthetic insulators.
Each one of them has its own benefits.

RDS- Responsible Down Standard

RDS are the independent, voluntary, and global standard product that is ethically sourced of
the feathers and down. It ensures that the down comes from all the ducks that are humanely
treated and humanly treated geese as well. This eventually allows the provision of traceability in the overall supply chain process.


When you go for the high-quality duck you are getting yourself the best winter clothing that
would keep you warm throughout the season. It further offers a good ratio of warmth to the
weight of any kind of insulation. This material is pretty perfect for sleeping bags and puffer
jackets as it can be easily compressed in small bags and spaces. Apart from this it also has
the ability to trap the heat of the body in thousands of small air pockets.

However, there is one thing that you must keep in your mind is that the down does not really
perform well when it’s all wet and watery. The feathers when clumped together lose their
loft ability. And in order to solve it, the water-resistant down comes in the market.

Synthetic Insulation Benefits

Down is undoubtedly one of the ultimate insulators the alternative of it does a pretty good
job too. When down is not available for you, we recommend you get PrimaLoft. This is an
ultra-fine polyester blend of microfiber which is both light and soft. The material is pretty
similar to down, the jacket keeps you warm by keeping the heat in its masses of minimal air
pockets. Apart from it, it also retains all of its insulating capability when the material is wet.

Outer Material

When we talk about Puffer Jackets, it is not related to the insulation itself only but it includes
everything that is encased in it as well. There is a lot that the outer fabric has to answer for,
as it explains the overall garment’s performance which includes both warmth and durability
with the help of weather resistance.

A various range of factors is used on these insulated jackets. The outdoor essential collection
features classic 100% nylon taffeta which is majorly used in the Halo and Uber Jackets. It is
mainly for the more classic look which is best suited for everything to wear around the town
and designed particularly to handle the wear and tear of regular life.

When you want to have maximum warmth and you live in an area which is extremely cold,
the best kinds of jackets that you should be wearing are jackets made of outer material. They
provide maximum warmth, are durable, and are pretty weather resistant particularly made
of harsh and extremely cold weather.

In case you are still confused about what kind of jackets to get, we recommend you check out
the website of the Real Leather Garments and check the variety that it has to offer. If it
further confuses you, their customer support department will help you out in making the
right decision

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