5 Reasons Why Farm Stays Can Make for a Unique Experience

The next time you holiday in Australia, why not try something new?

New South Wales is pretty popular with tourists. They have spectacular attractions like the Jenolan Caves, Bouddi Coastal Walk, CSIRO Parkes Radio Telescope Discovery Center, and Skywalk Lookout. There are also many lovely places to stay in the state.

Have you heard of farm stays? They are farms that provide accommodation to paying guests. There are a few farm stay in NSW south coast.

NSW is the most popular state in Australia for international and domestic visitors. It is known for its mild weather, endless beaches, and sophisticated dining scene. When you next go there, here are the five reasons you must stay at a farm.

1. Connects You with the Source of Your Food

When you buy potatoes and meat at the supermarket, you don’t give much thought to where they come from. People are often disconnected from the place their food is sourced.

Staying at a farm brings mindfulness to your life. If you pay attention to how the vegetables are grown or what feed makes the meat healthier, you will feel a deeper connection to what you eat.

2. Visit and Spend Time with the Animals

When you stay on a farm, you get to experience new things. Have you ever watched an egg hatch? Or felt the soft coat of wool on a sheet?

Staying there will allow you to spend time with animals. They usually have animals like alpacas, sheep, horses, and camels.

Spending time with them helps you connect with your five senses. This helps to relieve stress, which is what a vacation is for.

3. Keeps You Healthy

Going outdoors is so important. When you breathe fresh air and move your limbs, your body instantly feels energized.

Staying on a farm will ensure your day is full of fun outdoor activities. However, participating in all of them is optional. If you want to rest, farms have a lot of space to just chill. So you can sit in a sunny spot and look at an excellent view while eating fresh, healthy food.

4. Get the Chance to Dress the Part

The kid in you definitely enjoys playing dress-up. When you are at a farm, your whole family can have fun dressing up! You get the chance to put on overalls and a cowboy hat.

It is also the perfect opportunity to take loads of pictures to save as memories. After all, who would want to forget a vacation like this?

5. Take Home Plenty of Stories

Kids enjoy telling stories, and everyone will hear about your trip when they return to school. Unlike the others, your vacation story won’t be boring, and it will surely make them want to go too!  

Remember to take plenty of pictures so that you have a collection to support every story. Everyone will definitely want to see them.

Summing Up

New South Wales is the finest place to go if you want a vacation filled with sunshine, food and adventure. Holidaying at a farm stay in NSW south coast will make your trip much more memorable.

You get to spend time with nature and enjoy many outdoor activities. Eating fresh and healthy food, dressing up and playing with farm animals will create lovely memories for you and your family, friends, or colleagues. It’s a place no one will say no to.

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