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4 Strategies to Help You Carry Out a Kitchen Renovation Project

A survey in 2019 with 7,824 respondents discovered a 16% rise in kitchen renovations compared to the previous year, with the median spend standing at $20,000. Meanwhile, homeowners based in major locations such as Castle Hill aged between 40-74 had the biggest share in these renovation activities, with their actions contributing to 79% of all the kitchen renovations reported in the study.

Often, kitchen renovations, on average, cost more money than any other home improvement projects that homeowners may undertake and with good reason. Nevertheless, a kitchen is the hub of home life and is nothing short of a source of pride to most homeowners. So, a significant portion of the money you spend on kitchen renovations in Castle Hill can be recovered when you try to sell your house. But even if you don’t have any plans to sell your home on Middleton Avenue, Old Northern Road, or Keswick Avenue, a kitchen renovation project might still be a great project to undertake, as it will add tremendous value to the functionality and aesthetics of your house. And if you are wondering how to undertake such a project, this article covers some smart strategies to help you get started.

  1. Planning

A rule of thumb when it comes to a remodelling project is that the time and effort you spend on planning a project must often be just as much as the actual construction, if not more. A good plan can save you any extra troubles and mishaps which may lead to several problems that cost you your time and money too. Also, having an elaborate plan will help you stick to your budget better. 

Experts have suggested a panning duration of at least six months. Doing so will not only help you come up with a solid plan but also prevent you from changing your mind mid-course, which will become an added burden and inflate the project costs further.

  1. Appliances

You wouldn’t be alone if you were getting carried away when planning your new kitchen in your Ferguson Avenue home. While a luxury-brand refrigerator and a six-burner commercial-grade range stove might be eye-catching options, they may not be practical ideas to most people and wouldn’t fit their lifestyles and needs. As appliances are merely tools you use to cook your food, a kitchen remodelling project must focus more on the functionality and design of the kitchen rather than the tools. And unless you are exceptional at cooking and must cook a lot, concentrate on long-term solutions and features which will add more value to the kitchen, as is the case with the flooring and cabinets.

  1. Lighting

Using the correct type of lighting makes a world of difference in your kitchen. Apart from making your kitchen look brighter and, in some cases, even larger, they will help you work efficiently and safely. So, there are two types of lighting that you must consider when working on the lighting of your kitchen:

  • Ambient Lighting: You could consider using wall scones, track lights and flush-mounter ceiling fixtures to set up the overall lighting in your kitchen. You could also look into the dimmer switch options to maintain the mood and intensity of the room as per your lining.
  • Task Lighting: Since cabinets create dark work areas, under-cabinet lighting options must be on your to-list. So consider using at least two fixtures for every task area to eliminate any shadows. You could use pendant lights for islands and other low counters with low cabinets. And if there are any recessed lights, you could use the track lights to light up the sinks and general prep areas.

Undertaking projects such as kitchen renovations in Castle Hill might be challenging, but the benefits far outweigh the efforts. And while the suggestions provided in this article are only a handful, they will, without a doubt, help you navigate this project efficiently.

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