14 Creative Email Signature Trends & Examples for 2022

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14 Creative Email Signature Trends & Examples for 2022

Sending an email without a professional email signature is like ordering a pizza without salt and pepper. It doesn’t matter how well-designed the email body is if the information at the bottom is missing. Remember that, especially in business communications, making a lasting impression on the recipient is critical. Getting a modern email signature template is no longer a problem, thanks to email signature builders available today. Best email signatures are a mark of distinction that establishes your credibility and professionalism. Email signature has long been considered a distinct marketing discipline. With email being used for decades, standing out in the recipient’s inbox is quite challenging. As a result, businesses employ a variety of strategies to stand apart. Those who succeed make email one of the most powerful B2B marketing tools.

14 marketing email signature templates and examples to follow in 2022

Email signatures for businesses are nothing new. However, their marketing component is just getting started. As a result, many companies need to pay attention to email signature marketing trends in the future year.

Minimalist and Clean design

Because marketing and design are highly linked, it’s vital to mention some graphic design trends that will be prominent in 2022 before moving on to marketing trends. While your email signature should include information about you and your business, it should not be overbearing. 

Right Font Email Signature 

According to design trends for 2022, serif fonts are the best for most applications, You should use a single typeface when making an email signature template. If you go with fonts, make sure to spell it out in all of your contact information. Using the same typeface in photographs is the recommended practice. You should use a single typeface when making an email signature. If you use Arial, make sure to use it in all of your contact information. If you don’t like any of the fonts listed, make sure you use one that is web-safe. You’ll know the font will display appropriately on any device or software this way.

Colorful Email Signature

Non-vivid, low-saturated colors are a fantastic treat for the eyes. They create a calming effect on the viewer’s mind. People, strangely enough, are considerably more likely to pay attention to them than to bright palettes. Limit the design of your signature to exactly two colors.

Shape-oriented Email Signatures

In your email signature banners, use squares, triangles, circles, and other shapes. In 2022, simple geometry will be a dominant design trend. 

Illustrated Email Signatures

Simplicity is also important when it comes to social icons and CTA buttons. To emphasize the significant portions of your email sign-off, use flat symbols and banners.

HTML Signatures

Companies might not have had an email signature at all or used a basic plain text sign-off just a few years ago. Things have changed by 2022, as more and more businesses begin to use HTML signatures for branding and marketing. Create a signature with HTML codes to gain maximum exposure. 

Brand Oriented Email Signatures

HTML email signatures provide you with more branding options. The email signature design in 2022 must either reflect the brand identity or complement the personal brand. If you’re a YouTube travel blogger, your email signature should be laid-back and enjoyable to look at. However, if you work for a large organization, you should standardize your signature with your co-workers. 

Versatile Email Signatures

Branded colors, typefaces, and a consistent design are required for business email signature templates. In this regard, the best practice for 2022 is to assign responsibility for email signature design to one person. This person should build an email signature template that the entire firm can utilize (or by a department). 

Automated Email Signatures

According to a study, 62 percent of professionals will use email signature generators for marketing on a regular or occasional basis in 2020. The market for email signature software is rising. It is due to the increased demand to automate signature marketing activities. There are a variety of email signature solutions available for various purposes, out of which Designhill’s Email signature generator is the most effective one. 

Personalized Email Signature

Individuals or small businesses who wish to make their signatures stand out could use their online editor. Adding CTA buttons, personalized sign-offs, and modifying the appearance of nearly everything are just a few of the options for creating a genuinely distinctive signature. 

Easy-to-integrate Email Signature

Create a signature, integrate it with platforms such as Microsoft 365 or G Suite. You can even quickly install all the employees’ signatures with just a few clicks.

Innovative Email Signatures

Check out the new innovations in the email signature and keep following new trends. You can definitely opt for the modern-day style email signature templates. It is better than just sticking to the old practices.

Segmented Email Signatures

Companies can now target distinct email signature templates to different departments thanks to the usage of email signature marketing systems. When sending emails within or outside the organization, it’s also vital to change your email signature. For different communication stages, such as cold emails, promotional emails, responses, or forwards, different email signatures may be used.

Automated banner signatures

Banner advertisements are one of the methods to turn an email signature into an additional marketing tool. Due to advancements in expedition automation, developing signature banner expeditions will become a significant trend in 2022. Some email signature marketing platforms provide tools that let you edit banners in all of your employees’ signatures from a single dashboard, define the expedition start and finish dates, and track CTR with built-in analytic tracking Analytics Signatures. The quantity of emails you’ve sent is the first piece of information you’ll need to assess your options. It functions in the same way as a traditional email expedition. In your signature, you can include links to your logo, website, CTA button, social icons, and banner.


An email will continue to be one of the most cost-effective and widely used methods of commercial communication. Email signature marketing has evolved into its marketing channel, and it will continue to do so in the coming years. Hence, create a signature for your email that can make maximum impact and contribute to achieving more conversions.


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