11 Tips For New Designers To Create A Logo


The logo is a graphic symbol that is used to help for identification and recognition. It can be abstract or figurative design, or either it can include text that represents the brand. Usually, every brand creates a logo for marketing strategy. It helps to leverage more traffic by conveying a clear message to the target audience.

Logos are an important part of a branding strategy, according to Custom Website Design Services In USA. It provides identity and instant reorganization to a company. Besides, logos are intellectual property protected under trademark law. Brands like Starbucks, Mercedes-Benz, McDonald’s, and Apple have famous logos.

11 tips for new designers to create a logo

If you are a new designer, it can be a daunting task to create a logo for your brand. And you may have several questions like how to design a logo? Or what tools you need to design a logo? Where do you start? And many more! But don’t worry; in this article, you will learn amazing tips to create a logo.

But remember, Even though the logo is just a small image, it creates a huge impact.

The logo is an important element for a brand. It creates an image in the customer’s eye that they can trust in your business. That is the requirement of a successful revenue business. That will result in more sales and sharing about you with their network. That’s why creating an appealing logo is important. Below down, there are some best tips for new designers on how to create a logo.

1.     Do the work first

Before designing, I would recommend you do brainstorm. To create a logo, it’s important to understand the brand. Like what is brand about? What message do you want to convey? What is the thing brand stand for?

This whole question will clear your thoughts and problem. Moreover, it will provide you many ideas to create a logo. Besides brand research, it’s important to research the market and competitors. It will help you to decide about your target audience preference. Besides, your competitor’s mistake can help you to avoid those errors.

Being a new designer, creating a logo can be intimidating. That’s why I will suggest you use text in the logo design. Many famous companies use names as a logo, such as Coca-Cola. In contrast, some prefer black and white color combinations like Apple. And some keep things balance for a subtle look.

For beginners, I guess it’s a smart move to use a business name as a logo. The rush to create a fancy logo can be risky because you need to make several decisions about illustration and graphics for fancy logos. And one wrong decision can lead to an amateur-looking logo.

2.     Keep it simple

The logo defines the brand and creates recognition. It’s important to keep logo design simple to accomplish your logo. According to the survey, it has been proved that organizations with a simple logo have more sales. The reason behind this is that a simple logo is easier to absorb and understand. Moreover, it’s easier to recall when the customer sees it again. It creates a positive impression on the customer and generates a strong relationship of trust. Simple logos are often easily recognized, incredibly memorable, and the most effective in conveying the client’s requirements.

3.     Integrate voice of the employee

Working with a team is great. To create a logo, it’s important to discuss your work and progress with your employee. According to logo services, integrating the voice of employees can be a great idea. You can sit with your team and discuss the details; maybe you get incredible ideas. When employees feel engaged, a brand comes alive through their actions. They walk the talk, and customers see it and feel it! And that can benefit business positively.

4.     Think of the emotions you want to convey

Logo speaks for a brand. It’s important to create a logo that conveys the message you want to give the audience loud and clear. Besides, company’s name and logo is the first thing a person sees about the business. Think about the emotion you want to trigger when they see a logo. For example, in Baskin Robin’s logo, the pink portion indicates 31 that is the number of flavor offers.  I like the way they playfully convey their message. Similarly, you can also use name, typography, iconography, and color to strike an emotional chord with your ideal customer.

5.     Choose a design tool.

As mentioned above, the logo is critical for a business. That’s the reason you can find several designing tools in the market. But it would be best if you chose the right designing tool to create a logo. The best options available in the market are:

  • Photoshop
  • Canva
  • PicMonkey
  • WordSwag

Professional prefer adobe illustrator, but I won’t recommend that as its advance. That is tricky to operate and understand the features. So these 4 are the excellent choice for beginners.

6.     Start With The Brand Story

according to logo services, a brand story is important to create a logo. The brand story generates emotion in customer’s eyes and leverages them to connect with the brand. The company name and brand story are the critical parts to launch the business. With those two items defined and aligned, the logo organically fell into place, pulling all the pieces together. Start with your brand story, and the rest will follow.

7.     Make it memorable

Branding is about exposure, but being memorable helps companies circumvent the cost of continual marketing. I recommend something memorable and goofy. Whether it’s NerdFace or CircleBomb, if your customers only need to hear it once, it’ll be easier for them to reference it in the future to others.

8.     Make It Personable

personalization is a great way to create a logo design. The best company names speak the essence of what the company does. Use a word that customers will easily understand in the logo. Using an everyday concept will make it easier to create a personable logo that can be used creatively across your marketing. A combination of words can work but are difficult to come.

9.     Focus On Your Niche

Create an idea that appeals to your target audience and delivers a message for them specifically. It should reflect your solution for the audience, which is your business offering, so they understand what you do and why it makes sense for them.

10.   Create And Test Different Brand Versions

Gather focus groups to test which branding your target audience is most attracted to. Be sure to ask specific follow-up questions to find out what attracts them to your logo/name. Discover the emotion behind the attraction, and you can use that insight to make improvements to your logo and company name before launching your brand.

11.                        Keep SEO in mind

SEO is a way that helps to rank higher in search engine results. Create a logo with SEO implications is important. A great company name and logo can help a brand stand out above its competition. When you find the right one, it’s tempting to start rolling it out. Before you do so, consider the SEO implications. Is your name a common phrase? Are there other companies called the same thing? It’ll be easier to rank on the algorithm with an original name and one less competitive pain point for your brand.


These are basic but best tips to create a logo for beginners. I hope you liked the article and found it useful.


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